Oscars 2011: Amy Adams' high school yearbook photo

Best Supporting Actress nominee Amy Adams was your typical senior in the tiny town of Castle Rock, Colorado. Before graduating from Douglas County High School in 1992, Adams may have hung out at these spots in Castle Rock, now a city of more than 44,000.
How could Amy have ignored the massive, castle-like (or not) rock perched above the town?

It's a tiring, hunger-inducing climb. Luckily, the B&B Cafe is right down the street, located on Wilcox Street. Open since 1899, the B&B has mastered the ways of huevos rancheros and customer service, and it's almost certain that Amy ate here.

Being in downtown Castle Rock with a full stomach calls for shop browsing. Just a street up from the B&B is a locally owned record store, Bogey's West, which opened in '88 and sells all the staples of a high school drama kid: records, artwork, apparel and, of course, incense.

Growing up in a small town could leave you sheltered and inexperienced -- but not Amy. She made it to the big screen and the big time. Her film The Fighter is up for a Best Picture Academy Award on Sunday; Amy is up for Best Supporting Actress, and she'll also be a presenter.

Tune in to see a homegrown woman who has made it big.

Thank you to the Douglas County History Research Center at the Philip S. Miller Library for the photo above.

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