Over the Weekend: Forever Darling II Fashion Show

Over the Weekend: Forever Darling II Fashion Show

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With these oppressing temperatures it’s hard to leave home, let alone put on heels and clop down to Santa Fe. But that’s exactly what I did on Saturday night, and despite the heavy air and clammy conditions, I did it happily.

Why? Because I love supporting local designers and that is exactly what the Forever Darling event is all about. To just call it a fashion show doesn’t do the annual affair justice; it is a culmination of local talent and passion that not only promotes community businesses and artists, but assists non-profits by donating a portion of the proceeds. This year’s recipient was Dress for Success, an organization that furthers the economic independence of disadvantaged women. A fitting and worthy cause I must say.

Hosted by Space Gallery at 765 Santa Fe, Forever Darling presented a runway show featuring eight local designers and then a fashion market. Flowing wine and champagne helped the crowd get comfortable and when the show started it was just one big happy group of sweaty fashion lovers. The models were gorgeous with impeccable make-up and hair rivaling anything you would see at New York Fashion week. The clothes were amazing and the level of talent this city’s designers contribute blew me away.

The avant-garde winner was Beck Bickel with her line La Rencontre. The piece itself was constructed of a fabric that to me resembled an unfortunate tapestry but that’s why they call it avant-garde and it was certainly an innovative aesthetic.

All in all, the occasion was a success and I can only imagine what Forever Darling III will present.

For more information on this and other upcoming events, visit the organizer’s website at www.letemhaveit.net and share the local love.

-- Rossy Kay

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