Perfect Petal's Chain Chandelier

Cat is still really tied up with the Summer Guide. We shot yesterday from 6 p.m. to almost 1 a.m. -- a good portion of it in the rain. So for everyone involved, thank you for your patience and good humor.

Just a short post today, a photo actually. Cat and Cheese Bikini found this chandelier at The Perfect Petal. It's the physical manifestation of Cat's life: all modern and citified, but based on something so basic and blue collar. When she was growing up, Cat used to coil and hang (much heavier) loops of chain for her excavator daddy. Cat's proud of where she comes from, and she gets all sentimental when her worlds collide. She'd take home this memento, but that would presume Cat had a room big enough for it (no way) and that she had an extra $5,000 (sadly, no). So she'll just go in and gaze every so often.

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Amy Haimerl