Photos: Paninaro Rewind brings throwback fashion down the runway at Tony P's

Dreamer, doer and Westword Mastermind Brandi Shigley is at it again, this time pairing up with restaurateurTony Pasquini. This Saturday and Sunday, Pasquini's Tony P's will host Paninaro Rewind, Shigley's fashionable take on the restaurant's already popular Discko Paninaro, an '80s throwback dance party with an Italian flair.

"This isn't going to be a traditional 'walking down the runway, here are the clothes' fashion show; it's going to be more of a performance, where our models are really going to get into the whole '80s vibe," says Shigley. Models will be dancing in the designs of Tess Vigil, Leigh Benner, Julian Donaldson, Katie Wells, Francis Roces, Talia Sandoval, Laura Gillan, Adriana Godoy Neves, Tiffany Newman, Rachel Marie, Sarah Scott and Phaedra High. Continue reading for a photo preview of the fashions.

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Paninaro Rewind kicks off at 8 p.m. Saturday night at Tony P's for those 21 and older. The party continues Sunday with one of Shigley and Fashion Denver's signature pop-up marketplaces starting at 10 a.m. at the restaurant, and admission to both events is free; for more information, visit the Fashion Denver website.

Continue reading for more photos.

Continue reading for more photos.

Continue reading for more photos.

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