Pool cat: Your moment of lulz

Pool cat: Your moment of lulz

As a general rule, the amount of fun it is to annoy somebody is directly proportionate to how easy it is to annoy that person; thus, there is nobody more fun to bother than the man who can't take it. In the animal kingdom, that man is cats. A winning combination of uptight, humorless and totally impotent to do anything about it, cats pretty much beg to be fucked with, and these annoying gentlemen in a pool are happy to oblige.

It's pretty funny when the cat explodes like a terrified watermelon and sprints off into the bushes, but the best part is the couple of seconds before, when, subtly interrupted from gazing at whatever it is that cats gaze at, it's all like, "hello, what's this?" You can tell right at that point that the cat is already mildly annoyed before anything has even really happened, and that is what makes the ensuing moment so priceless.

Seriously, though, it's somewhat understandable: If I had to live with a couple of ass-hats who constantly giggled like the joker on helium, I'd probably be constantly annoyed, too. Nice work, dudes, but it's not like annoying a cat is a giant accomplishment.

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