Crunch These Numbers: Denver Fitness Week Offers Discount Boutique Workouts

Hands up for $7 drop-in rates.
Hands up for $7 drop-in rates. CycleBar
There’s never a better time to celebrate Denver’s rank as one of the fittest and healthiest cities than during Denver Fitness Week. From May 15 to 21, several of Denver’s boutique gyms are participating in the second annual week of health and wellness, hoping to build a stronger local fitness community by lowering their drop-in rates for people with a Discount Fitness Week card, which can be picked up for free at a kickoff party at the Colorado Athletic Club Union Station tonight, Thursday, May 11, or at one of the studios involved.

More than a dozen health and wellness companies are supporting the 2017 Denver Fitness Week, offering discounts and specials.

This year’s participating businesses include: Atherial, The Barre Code, CycleBar, Fierce 45, FIT36, Fitwall, Hot Mamas Exercise, Nathalie Uhling Fitness, The Rebel Workout, The River Power Vinyasa Yoga, Terrafly Pilates, Colorado Athletic Club Union Station, Hydrate IV Bar, Sweat Cosmetics, FitLo and Sesen.

See if you can hang with Denver's only women's-only fitness studio. - HOT MAMAS FACEBOOK PAGE
See if you can hang with Denver's only women's-only fitness studio.
Hot Mamas Facebook page
Normally, drop-in rates can be quite pricey, particularly for boutique gyms in Denver. To encourage people to try them, all studios will be offering discounts for drop-in classes purchased online and when the Denver Fitness Week punch card is presented. For all locations, drop-in rates will be reduced to $7 through May 21. For example, the drop-in rate is normally $22 for CycleBar, the Denver Tech Center’s indoor cycling studio. During Denver Fitness Week, however, the price plummets to only $7, though you can visit each studio only once.

Tonight's free kickoff event is sponsored by Hydrate IV Bar, and Nathalie Uhling will offer her signature NUFit workout, which merges music and movement in “experimental fitness.” As the official sponsor of the kickoff event, Hydrate IV bar will provide discounted recovery IV services and B12 shots following the workout, as well.

Practice your core strength for only $7 this week. - FITWALL FACEBOOK PAGE
Practice your core strength for only $7 this week.
Fitwall Facebook Page
As much as Denver Fitness Week is an opportunity for community members to get to know the boutique gyms in the area, it’s also an opportunity for crossover within the local health industry. “We share a lot of the same clientele with some of these boutique gym owners,” says Katie Wafer, co-founder of Hydrate IV Bar.

“We have a mix of athletes and ‘boutique-y' clients, but overall we’re just trying to promote general health and wellness and continue our partnerships with other local businesses that are doing the same,” Wafer says.

Each studio has specific registration instructions, so visit for full details. The free kickoff event takes place tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at Colorado Athletic Club Union Station, 1601 Wewatta Street. All details are on Denver Fitness Week's website.
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