Project Runway, Amadeus and More

If you somehow accidentally missed last night's episode of 30 Rock (and no, there is no valid excuse for missing the funniest show on TV), then you simply must visit pronto to catch up.

While 30 Rock regularly shines with genius, last night's one-two punch of a Project Runway reference followed by a hilarious send-up of the film Amadeus was truly not to be missed.

The main plot of the episode centers around Jack Donaghy's fight to become the successor to Don Geiss, the head of GE. At first, it appears that Jack has finally won the position, beating out Devon Banks, his arch-rival. Banks laments the apparent loss, saying, "It's like when Christian won Project Runway, even though Rami was clearly the better draper."

The Amadeus-referencing subplot involves Tracy Jordon, who is searching for a legacy to leave his kids when he hits upon his destiny: to create a porn video game (and wonderfully combine his two biggest passions). Despite warnings from Frank -- who is also a porn and video game aficionado -- that it simply cannot be done, Tracy fights on, determined to see his project through. What follows is a hilarious montage of Frank as the Salieri to Tracy's Mozart. Dr. Spaceman makes an appearance in a cape, Kenneth acts as a defender of Tracy and Frank realizes, sadly, that he has been bested by a genius.

Don't take my word for it. Click here to see what you missed last night. - Aubrey Shoe

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