Reader: A swastika tattoo is a good sign it's time to get out of the pool

During a day at

Water World

, Bree Davies discovered that politics, like beauty, really can be skin deep as she looked at a raft of

bad tattoos

. "I did have time to ponder the meaning of inked life while waiting 45 minutes for a turn to ride a backwash-water-filled tube through a dinosaur's stomach," she writes. "And I wondered, 'Do people think about what their tattoos will mean when they are standing in public undressed, without the context of their own personality-defining clothing?'"

And what if that tattoo is a swastika?

Says Wednesday:

I saw a swastika tattoo on a man at Glenwood. Much like you, his behavior from that point on didn't suprise me. Do a Glenwood review.

What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen? Post it in the comments section below.

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