Reader: Denver Is Evolving, and the Revamped Union Station Is Part of That

The renovated Union Station is celebrating its second anniversary all weekend with a resurrected buskerfest, developer Dana Crawford's gift to the city. But the celebration really started the day Union Station reopened in July 2014, bringing new life to this part of downtown — and a new flashpoint for discussion of this developing city.  Says Katie: 
Union Station is great! I'm there every day. Beautiful historical architecture and in the heart of the city. Not sure how someone could consider this beautiful building a dump or ugly but then again there are a lot of people I can't figure out in this world and honestly would never want to.
Responds Samuel:
I dislike it, but no one respects the opinion of a cabbie so... It is what it is. It fits with New Denver, not the Denver I grew up in.
Says Brandon: 
For anyone to consider this architectural gem a dump is beyond my comprehension... "A disgusting pseudo-Yuppie paradise?" Who in their right mind would say that?! $9 to DIA! Bomb cuisine. Amazing remodel brilliantly done. Great atmosphere. Little Man Ice Cream!!! What the hell is wrong with you morons!?

Denver is evolving, as is the architecture, as is every major city with money pouring in. I find Union Station to be absolutely phenomenal — and with how packed it is, the people of Denver must agree. Everything about Union Station is just lovely. If you can't enjoy a gorgeous remodel (that totally stays true to the time period) of a Denver icon, honestly you really suck at life.
Says Michael: 
The remodeling and renovating of Union Station absolutely ruined it. It's now a disgusting pseudo-Yuppie paradise. All the heart and soul of the old station is gone. Now it's just a hangout destination for hipsters and wannabes to go and waste their money trying way too hard to impress each other. They should have just left it the way it was.
And then there's this from Erik: 
Old railway architecture made new again with modern restoration methods always fascinates me. Walking in there makes me feel I've walked into a grand icon of our Empire building past. Parking sucks. And don't try to go to any restaurants unless you have two hours to kill. But the building is magnificent and a proper example of early 19th century architecture in all its luxurious glory.
What do you think of Union Station? 
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