Reader: The Suburu is a friggin' animal in Colorado

Does Colorado have an official car? If so, it's definitely the Suburu. Bree Davies owns one, a 1996 model that she named Wooderson after the character she most resembles in Dazed and Confused, and which she honored with an ode last spring. But now, with bad weather hitting the mountains, readers are loving their Suburus all over again. See also: - An ode to Suburu, the unofficial car of Colorado - Xbox's Forza Horizon makes Colorado the racetrack

Says tommynoble:

Only argument I would like to bring to the table is that yes indeed these cars were made for living, but oh my god they were made for driving. I too live in Colorado, and everyday I pray for extreme weather so I can show every other car on the road what's really good. My subaru legacy is a friggin' animal! It may not be the fastest car on the road, but when I am bombing through the Poudre Canyon in a snow storm, the only cars passing me are other subarus and audis. Subarus have been referred to as "driver's cars" for a long time, and being an owner, I couldn't agree more.

Do you have a Suburu? How does it compare to other cars in Colorado?

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