Soldiering Through the WGA Writer's Strike

Soldiering Through the WGA Writer's Strike

The writers' strike started in Hollywood today. Hasn't been one since 1988, when a five-month strike kept TV in reruns, and may have eventually brought about the rise of reality television. So what can we, the viewers, do without our favorite shows?

Here are real-life ways to still enjoy ten of your favorite TV shows, strike or not:

Grey's Anatomy: Hang out at one of the local hospitals, and count how many times you spot med students making out with each other, their patients, or their superiors. Bonus: Real people are far less annoying than Meredith Grey.

Chuck: Go to Best Buy. Meet a real-life Chuck, though without the hot spy/girlfriend, and with a brain full of video game trivia rather than national secrets. (Note: Real-life Chucks will very much enjoy talking with you about the TV Chuck. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on your level of social desperation.)

Heroes: Read Batman: The Long Halloween. Great story in the super-hero vein, and the same Tim Sale art that helps makes the TV show as good as it is. While you read, be sure to do it in an angst-ridden manner.

The Singing Bee: Karaoke, baby, Karaoke. (And yes, the vapid comments that Joey Fatone makes do count as scripted writing.)

How I Met Your Mother: Find someone at a bar, and try to tell them the story of how you met your first girlfriend. If they're still paying attention a half-hour later, buy them a drink. And check their pulse.

Survivor: Camp in your backyard. Take nothing with you except uncooked rice and firewood. For a reward challenge, eat something disgusting, and you win the right to go inside to use the toilet.

Dancing with the Stars: Call 9News and ask Adele Arakawa and Kathy Sabine to dance. When the police come to your house, ask them. Cops love dancing.

The Office: Get a job. Yeah, that's about it.

PBS programming: Read a book. Or, if you want to simulate pledge week (and really, who doesn’t?), go pay four times as much as they're charging for a box set of jazz CDs.

MTV programming: Hit yourself repeatedly in the head with a salami while paging through Maxim. Do not stop; above all, do not play music of any kind. -- Teague Bohlen

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