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Street-Style: Designer Davon Williams on His New Line for Worthless: Priceless

This week we again spotted entrepreneur Davon Williams, wearing Louis Vuitton at 14th and Larimer streets. This time Williams had a Vuitton messenger bag instead of a backpack; he shared what he had in that bag, as well as his insights on his new graphic tee line, Worthless: Priceless Clothing, and his fashion philosophy.  
These black leather boots are a subtle display of style when paired with burgundy pants; Williams likes to pair unlikely combinations.  "Worthless:Priceless Clothing is a hybrid fusion line that pairs something that may be worthless to someone with something that may be priceless to someone else," Williams explains. "It's a high-end T-shirt line that is all American-made." He conceived of the line three years ago under a different name; it's now evolved into a line designed to make you think, through clever graphics or cynical and inspirational quotes. In addition to recently unveiled designs, Williams will release new designs on April 19. Check out the new Worthless: Priceless Clothing website here
Williams is an entrepreneur who hosts his own radio show while running his clothing business.His style mantra: "Show me now and tell me later." His favorite color is olive green; this military coat is his favorite jacket. "Everyone's fashion inspires me as a whole, but I do love Rachel Zoe," he says. "I'm from New York and I've also lived in Vegas, Miami and Denver. The thing that made me realize that everyone is alike is that we all care about our fashion and how we present ourselves. I also love Karl Lagerfeld. I would love to be Karl Lagerfeld for a day." 
 This is the Vuitton messenger bag that caught our eye. Let's take a look inside: 
Here is what Williams carries with him to meetings: his Macbook, an orange-flavored Zig Zag wrap and his black leather portfolio. 

Always look sharp and stay on your grind, Denver. 

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