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Street Style: Jewelry Designer Hannah Hannah on Her Dressed-Up Fashion

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We spotted local accessory designer Hannah Hannah between15th and Blake streets. The name of her jewelry collection is Pearkissee Designs, and she handcrafts everything she sells. "I started the company a year and a half ago," she says, "and started to make jewelry because I was a single mother, and was forced to pursue my passion." She uses her designs to give women confidence about who they are and what they can achieve — and just looking at her makes you believe all things are possible.
These high heels are by Burberry and were a thrift-store find for Hannah. "I love secondhand stores," she says. "You can find one-of-a-kind treasures that someone else could't wear or rejected. I love shopping at Common Threads in Denver." Hannah's jewelry is also sold at Eve's boutique on 1413 Larimer Street. 

This hairstyle is Hannah's signature coif; she says it makes her feel "abundant." Her favorite accessory is jewelry, particularly earrings, and she designed this statement pair she's wearing here. "I am an expert in big earrings," she says. "There is the common saying of 'look good, feel good.' I say if you love something, wear it. I hate fashion rules that tell you what not to wear." 

"My style comes from inside me," she explains. "I used to ride horses as a child and I would wear this purple cape. I lived in a fantasy world. I got to pretend the way I did growing up on a small ranch. My imagination allows me to create the designs I make. I want to inspire thoughts of hope and abundance within people. It's more than fashion to me — it's a lifestyle.

"Growing up in a small town, dressing the way I do, in six-inch heels and pencil skirts, it shocked lots of people. I want women to dress up for themselves. You don't need a reason to dress up, or don't need to dress up for someone else. Dress how you'd like to look regardless if you live in a small town or a big city. Dress in abundance. I choose what makes me feel abundant," she says. 

"If I feel like a warrior-princess, I will dress more edgy," Hannah says. These rings and a bracelet ring with eagles show off her tough side. Check out Hannah's designs here

Always dress for yourself and dress in what you love, Denver. 

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