Street Style: Mistress Adrienne Spotted in Leather Catsuit on Broadway

From the dungeon out into the light: We spotted some authentic S&M fashion when we ran into a dominatrix outside the Mayan Theatre. Broadway. "I came to Denver to check out the fetish following and the marijuana scene as well," says New York-based Mistress Adrienne, a friend of local band Kissing Party. "I love to tour around and travel everywhere, really." 

Mistress Adrienne describes her style as "colorful, hardcore and sensual."  Her mistress-wear can be considered high-fashion as well. "This look is full-on mistress," she explains. "Mistress-wear can be leather, and there is latex, and there is lingerie. The leather is hard, while the lingerie is soft. I am a sadist to an extent, but I'm more of a kink-player and fetishist." Here's more we learned about Mistress Adrienne: Style inspirations and icons: Peter Berlin, who used to be a porn star and an artist. His work inspires me. Jim Morrison, and a lot of rock and roll stars. Kurt Cobain, Guns N Roses. Certain poets and writers. New York. There are old school New Yorkers who dress up and that inspires me. I like the gangster look: black leather jackets and '60s beatnick New York. The weather also gets very cold there, so in the summer we dress cool, but bundle up in the winter.The BDSM community inspires my style as well. They love to see the pride that I take in our fetish, that I am out in the open, in public, in my mistress-wear. A lot of people remain either in their dungeons or inside a studio. Not me. I study old leather fashion from magazines.  All sorts of subcultures inspire my fashion. I love drag queens as well. I love Western wear and that cowboy and jeans look, too.

Shops at: Crazy Outfits, which designed my catsuit. Crazy Outfits is a German company I found out about through leather-loving friends. I love how one can order any of their items in any color leather. They are also reasonably priced. I like that they are fetishy, yet fashion. It suits me well. I am featured on their page wearing a vest I love. The site also helped me learn a bit of German. Bond 07 in New York City is one of my favorite places; that's where I bought my prescription eyeglasses, by French eyewear designer Selima Optique. I get all of my eyewear at Bond 07. The nice thing about Bond 07 is that they carry Selima eyewear, other luxury brand eyewear, plus they carry a small but well-curated selection of vintage designer clothing and accessories. I've scored some cool '80s leather by North Beach, and even a [Alexander] McQueen leather dress. I also like to shop at Wolford in Soho. Wolford is my favorite brand for casual wear and hosiery. I love their specific choices in color. There's always a peculiar shade of a color I think I know, until I see it in a version by Wolford. Their sheer black is stunning for hosiery and bodysuits. They're a great brand. For latex, I shop at Libidex in London or I order online. The shop in London that sells Libidex is called Liberation. It's amazing and Tiago is always a great help. 
Favorite accessory: Elbow length leather gloves.

Mistress Adrienne's black leather gloves are from an expensive department store in Paris, Bon Marche Rive Gauche. "I go to Europe every year for my birthday and a good fetish friend bought these for me when we were out shopping," she says. "My earrings are cheap. I got them at Beacon's Closet, which is a like a New York City version of Buffalo Exchange."

Style mantra: Dress according to mood. If it doesn't suit my mood or I don't feel it that day, I don't wear it. 

Favorite color: Red

This zipper on Mistress Adrienne's catsuit zips all the way around to the front, near the bust. Mistress Adrienne also rocks deep red nail polish by Tom Ford. "I do love the Tom Ford beauty line and I like to buy that at Saks Fifth Avenue," she says. 

"I feel dominate when I wear boots," explain Mistress Adrienne, whose stiletto-heeled over-the-knee black leather boots are designed by Fernando. "I live for making art. It's a reflection of where I'm at at that moment of my life. It documents where I was. Photography, color,and and textures are things that I love to see. Like leather in the sunlight."

Like Mistress Adrienne, always take charge of your fashion, Denver. 
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Mauricio Octavio Rocha graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in English writing and a minor in cinema studies; He has been writing about fashion and style for Westword since 2012. Rocha also writes songs for his music and art project, VULGAR FEVER.
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