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Ten things to do for $10 this Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28, 2012

Three-day weekends rule, and this one is certain to be a hit. The city is bursting with stuff to do, and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to do it. Watch Footloose, see a Tim and Eric Awesome Show puppeteer, and more, all for under $10. Enjoy staying out late on Sunday night and experiencing all the fun things this town has to offer.

For a full listing of events, visit the Westword calendar, and for things to do specifically on Monday, check out Five things to do for $5 this Memorial Day.

Untitled #47 (LOL) at the Denver Art Museum (Friday, $8-10) Untitled is all about the laughs tonight at the DAM, featuring a plethora of entertainment options related to comedy. From a comedy tour of the art museum by Westword Mastermind Andrew Orvedahl and former Westword writer Adam Cayton-Holland to a study of the science of humor by former Westword staffer Joel Warner, to performances by folks from the Buntport Theater, this night is sure to make you laugh and think about comedy as you browse the museum's collection.

Downtown Denver Arts Festival at the Denver Pavilions (Friday-Monday, free)

The Pavilions downtown will transform into a fine arts market this weekend, with local and national artists showcasing their work. Whether you want to buy art or simply browse, this will be a good place to get inspired and see the wide array of crafts the festival has to offer.

Complicit Objects: Art in the Age of Authenticity at the Dikeou Collection (Friday, free) Don't miss this one-night-only event, a sculpture exhibition featuring Metro State Fine Arts students. The sculptures are all loosely tied together by the concept of authenticity, and it should be a great place to see budding artists in a cool space before they make it big and have their own solo exhibitions.

The Bring Your Own Records Party at Old Curtis Street (Saturday, free) We've definitely encouraged you to check out Westword Mastermind Sarah Slater's Bring Your Own Records Party before, but that's only because it's so consistently awesome. It's simple: Bring three to five songs on vinyl, play them yourself, and then dance to others' rad tunes. The night is full of eclectic music choices, dancing and lots of fun. Don't miss it.

E-Poetry: The Past, Present, and Future of Electronic Poetry at Counterpath (Saturday, free) Counterpath will study the interaction between poetry and technology tonight, with a series of readings and performances that explore literature in the digital age. There will be a performance using Skype, poems for perusal on various computers and digital screens, and discussions of the evolving medium.There's nothing more boring than a Luddite complaining about the death of print media, and luckily Counterpath will avoid this tired conversation by exploring the positives of ever-changing technology.

More things to do this weekend are on the next page.

Footloose at Old South Gaylord Street (Saturday, free)

Enjoy the ridiculous dance scenes of


tonight on the 1000 block of South Gaylord Street at Family Movie Night. There's free parking at South High School, and the evening will also include food, beverages, and the screening of an unannounced cartoon. Watch this classic tale of a town that outlaws dancing complete with cheesy choreography and the one rebel to bring rock n roll to town:

Kevin Bacon


Veterans Memorial Day Parade and Tribute at Civic Center Park (Saturday, free) The real reason you have a three-day weekend is a somber one: to pay tribute to fallen soldiers. Recognize them at this Memorial Day parade and tribute, and don't forget to pack some tissues.

Playa Bazaar-B-Q at Fusion Factory (Saturday-Sunday, free) Shop for handmade items from zombie dolls to cupcakes at this bizarre bazaar today. From a wide array of homemade goods to barbecued food to snack on, to music to dance to while you browse, this party/market should be a great opportunity to get out and buy goods you'd never find in traditional stores.

Denver Day of Rock at 16th Street Mall (Saturday, free) Rock out at the five different stages this free concert has to offer. From national acts like TOTO to local favorites like Air Dubai, this rock rest should offer something for everyone. They're marketing the festival toward kids as well, so bring your little ones (but don't forget to bring ear plugs).

David Liebe Hart at Blast-O-Mat (Sunday)

Avant-garde weirdo David Liebe Hart will be playing his bizarre tunes about aliens, religion, email and more tonight at Blast-O-Mat. Hart is best known for his tone-deaf songs and puppetry on the

Tim and Eric Awesome Show

, and it's pretty amazing that he'll be playing the garage stage at this D.I.Y. venue. Don't miss this night of weirdness. Seriously, when was the last time you saw puppetry at a warehouse show?

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