The eight hottest robots in pop-culture history

Robots are everywhere. From helping us find cat videos on the Internet to assembling other robots (yeah, that can't end well), they've become almost as ubiquitous in real life as they have been in pop culture for years. This Saturday, the multimedia art exhibit Let's Pretend We're Robots opens at Good Thieves Press, celebrating both our robot pals and all the varieties of technology we associate with them. Inspired by this event celebrating the aesthetics of androids, we decided it was high time to have a look at the hottest robots pop culture has to offer. Don't feel too weird about being turned on by a machine, since we all lust after technology; some of us just do it more literally than others.

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Maria from Metropolis From their very beginnings in pop culture, the potential for robot sexiness was recognized. Just ask Maria, the robot temptress from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Those curves, even rendered in metal, cannot be denied.

Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation

With his yellow skin and eyes, Brent Spiner's Data, the robot who wanted to be a real boy from

Star Trek: The Next Generation

, might seem like an unlikely sex symbol. That didn't stop Tasha Yar from hitting on that under the influence of the strange affliction in "The Naked Now." There's also Data's legion of female fans, who dub themselves "Spiner femmes," as seen in the documentary


. He is fully functional


anatomically correct, after all.

Number Six from Battlestar Galactica

Sure, she's a robot, but that doesn't mean she isn't the hottest thing in the

Battlestar Galactica

series. The show's fans always praise its stellar writing, but it's hard to believe that the series would have reached the same heights of popularity if not for the presence of the super-hot Number Six in such a pivotal role. Need further evidence? Just search YouTube for "Number Six Battlestar" and revel in the wealth of fan-vid tributes to the sexy, sexy Cylon.

Fembots from Austin Powers

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The fembots were designed with sexiness in mind, and they worked like a charm. Even thoughts of a naked Margaret Thatcher couldn't stop them from working their charms on poor Austin Powers. Plus, boob guns!

Gigolo Joe from A.I. Artificial Intelligence Men don't come much hotter than Jude Law, and thus it follows that robots don't come much hotter than the one he portrays in A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Naturally, Law's robotic alter ego isn't designed for anything so mundane as welding cars together or taking care of sick people -- he's a gigolo bot, made for pleasure, because of course he is. Just look at him!

David from Prometheus

Set aside for a moment the fact that he's an evil, manipulative bastard who sets in motion the destruction of the ship and the death of all the crew in


. Also set aside the fact that the movie is terrible. Now, simply gaze upon the natural wonder that is Michael Fassbender's David, the dreamboat android. Those cheekbones could kill! The only question that remains is who would win in a robot hot-off between him and Jude Law's Gigolo Joe. The answer: We



Buffybot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Buffybot is a near-perfect robot replica of Buffy Summers. Buffy is undeniably hot. Thus it follows logically that the Buffybot is hot. You know who loves logic? Robots do. Even the hot ones. Anyway, apart from the creepiness of making a robot replica of someone for the sordid purpose of being a sex toy for a vampire, it's hard to argue that the Buffybot was aesthetically pleasing. And she could even kick ass pretty well, as evidenced by her stint filling in for real Buffy while she was indisposed by being dead.

Terminatrix from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

The original T-800 model (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger) was okay, if you're into muscles (and yes, plenty of people are). But for sheer hotness and pure aesthetic appeal, it's hard to beat the T-X from

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

. Portrayed by Kristanna Loken, the T-X is the sleekest, sexiest model ever to roll off the Skynet assembly lines. Plus, if you watch until the very end of the clip, you'll see it display a feature that many a man has wished for.

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