The Rites of Spring bring excess in moderation to City Hall

Today doesn't just mark the start of that festive, lush, and green holiday: St. Patrick's Day. It also kicks off that upcoming festive, lush and green season: spring.

Fantastic Hosts, an event-planning group in Denver, cloaks its identity in secrecy -- but is not shy about organization wild gatherings. Its motto is "excess in moderation." For night's party, the Hosts were inspired by Russian-French conductor Igor Stravinsky's classic ballet, Le Sacre du Printemps. The English translation of the title is "The Rite of Spring," and when the show debuted in Paris 99 years ago, it caused a riot in the theater with its primitive score and choreography.

Fantastic Hosts hopes to create a similar fuss in downtown Denver nearly a century later, with a show that includes such performers as Orange Peele Moses; DJs MLE, Milk, Mental and Satori-C; aerialists, stilt walkers and other entertainers. While there will be no virgin sacrifices to the gods of Spring and rebirth, some lovelies will definitely be dancing in bird cages. There will be no ballets, either, but a few DJs are bound to sample Stravinsky. And the members of Fantastic Hosts have a few other surprises up their sleeves.

"We like to pick unusual themes for our events," they promise. "Our guests usually embrace our themes and dress for the occasion. It will be a feast for the eyes! We're creating a marvelous environment for you to come celebrate Spring with us. Come to see and be seen, dance to the primal beats of your favorite DJs, or even just to people-watch. This will be a fantastical evening."

The 21+ party lasts from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. Purchase tickets in advance for $14 at theritesofspring.eventbrite.com, or pay $20 at the door.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.