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Top Ten Eric André Skits to Watch Before His Denver Show

Eric André performs at the Ogden Theatre on June 20.
During the 2016 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Eric André brought his disruptive comedy to the political stage.
During the 2016 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Eric André brought his disruptive comedy to the political stage. Courtesy of Adult Swim
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I hope you are okay with some nudity, because things are about to get spicy with Eric André at the Ogden Theatre. When I last saw André perform live during his Legalize Everything tour, the audience was treated to a cheeky view of his, well, ass cheeks, jokes about titty-fucking a chicken breast and a video call with an attendee's parents.

As the driving force behind the delightfully deranged The Eric André Show, a six-season parody of talk shows on Adult Swim, André is no stranger to boundary-pushing antics. His time on the show, from 2012 to 2018, led him to perfect the art of duping unsuspecting guests into performing outrageous stunts and cringe-worthy scenarios.

To prepare for the impending onslaught of comedic chaos with André at the Ogden Theatre on Thursday, June 20, here are the top ten Eric André videos to put you in the mood:
Anyone for Fruit Loops?
On season three, episode seven of The Eric André Show, André boards a public New York subway while wearing a full-body mesh suit styled with Fruit Loops, with a cone over his head and holding a box of cereal, milk and spoons. "Ladies and gentlemen," André announces, "I have bad news: I did not get the job at Fruit Loops. My body is now your communion. Please eat from me."

He then pours cereal and milk into his cone and starts chasing people on board, telling them to "drink" and "eat" from his makeshift bowl hat. Passengers flee, but one man berates André, causing him to have an emotional breakdown as milk and cereal spill over him. This 43-second clip spawned numerous memes and remains a favorite in my friend group chat. That Demi Lovato Interview
In 2012, during The Eric Andre's New Year's Eve Spooktacular, Demi Lovato was invited as a guest. After a relatively normal introduction, Lovato is brought out to strange sound effects and manages a feeble "Wow!" André then compares himself to "Jar Jar Binks if he was a burn victim" and his assistant, Hannibal Buress, to "Bunsen from The Muppets Show if he was in blackface."

Lovato smiles but is not given the opportunity to respond before being served a massive plate of spaghetti. She tentatively holds the spaghetti before handing it to Buress. Things only get weirder when Sebastian Bach makes a brief appearance, and the hosts test Lovato's "Satan levels" before a countdown begins and André is shot, eliciting a loud "What the fuck?" from Lovato. Her baffled expressions make the sketch an all-time classic. Black Scientologists
This sequence from season two, episode nineteen, inspired by the Black Hebrew Israelites in Times Square, is one of André's favorites. He stated in an interview with GQ that “any comedian, black or white, that walks past them has to satirize it. They’re dressed like the foot soldiers from the Ninja Turtles. They hate every single person that isn’t them. It’s just, what do you want from us?”

In the video, André and his team of "Black Scientologists" use megaphones to shout bizarre phrases at people on the streets. A man claiming to be the "second coming of Jesus Christ" approaches them, and André asks him to prove it by turning poop into wine. The video ends with a fake quote from L. Ron Hubbard (dubbed "L. Ron Hoyabembe" in the skit): "Turn that poop into wine."  Eric Takes It to the Streets
One of the best recurring segments on The Eric André Show is "Eric on the Street," featuring candid conversations with citizens. In season six, episode six, André approaches a wig seller on the street and asks to try on a wig.

Once André is in a wig, a cop shows the vendor a photo of André and asks if he has seen the murder suspect. Another security guard approaches, asking if he has seen anyone impersonating a cop. As André, the cop and the guard chant "Don't you say a word" and circle him, the vendor becomes increasingly confused. Gaslighting has never been funnier! Rapper Warrior Ninja
Season four, episode six includes a parody of the popular American Ninja Warrior series. André challenges various rappers to complete a ridiculous and nearly impossible obstacle course, which includes wet underwear, a mouse trap plank, a ball swing alley and a snake pit.

The sight of artists like A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Open Mike Eagle attempting the course and failing spectacularly while blindfolded and freestyle rapping is a sight to behold. Though some start strong, all of the rappers eventually tumble off course. This segment exemplifies André's ability to combine physical comedy with celebrity participation.
Blake Griffin Interview
In this unforgettable interview from season 5, episode three, NBA star Blake Griffin finds himself at the mercy of André’s unpredictable humor. Throughout the segment, André bombards Griffin with absurd questions and strange props.

At one point, Seal Team 69 (consisting of two soldiers eating each other out on a rope) swung in above the basketball player's head. Griffin's reactions, which ranged from confusion to genuine laughter, demonstrated his good sportsmanship and made the interview stand out.
Crashing the 2016 DNC and RNC
During the 2016 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, André brought his disruptive comedy to the political stage. He confronts attendees with outrageous questions, such as asking where the "transgender bathtubs" are at the RNC and urging DNC attendees to sniff a sock filled with manure.

The highlight is when André is summoned on stage by Alex Jones and begs him to "have sex with my wife." Jones refuses André's hotel key but allows him to ask, "Why does my pee pee come out yellow?" before being booed off stage. André's antics demonstrate his ability to tackle serious topics with humor and irreverence. Eric Eats Out Hot Ones
On an episode of the popular YouTube series Hot Ones, André faces the ultimate challenge: eating progressively spicier chicken wings while answering interviewer Sean Evans's questions. And André doesn’t disappoint, delivering hilarious quips and reactions as the heat intensifies.

Evans's thoughtful approach to interviewing also allows him to get a little real with André and dive into his past, making the show and the Wu-Tang Clan. Even as André chugs glasses of milk, the one-liners never stop!
Celebs Walking Out
Not all celebrities complete their appearances on The Eric André Show. Two infamous moments involve reality-TV star Lauren Conrad and rapper T.I. walking out mid-interview.

In season three, episode four, Conrad is disturbed by André's antics and storms off after he vomits and slurps up the substance. Similarly, in season four, episode one, T.I. abruptly leaves after a naked man wanders into the studio. These walkouts highlight the unpredictable nature of André's interviews.

Legalize Everything
In 2020, Netflix released André's first standup special, Legalize Everything. The title sequence shows him parading around New Orleans in a police uniform, doing and selling drugs on the street. From drug discussions to absurdist anecdotes, André blends social commentary with outlandish humor.

The Eric André Show Live Tour, Thursday, June 20, Ogden Theatre, 935 East Colfax Avenue. Get tickets at
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