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Top ten menswear moments of 2013

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Although 2013 is over, the fantastic street-style we encountered over the past twelve months is still on our minds. On the streets of Denver last year, we spotted everything from Marc Jacobs to A Clockwork Orange -inspired punk. Keep reading for our top ten menswear moments from 2013.

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10) We spotted entrepreneur Davon Williams on 17th and Welton streets. His Louis Vuitton backpack caught out our attention, and he confessed to having a collection of Vuitton accessories -- including a portfolio and briefcase. We appreciate his ability to inject high fashion into a casual daytime look. 9) Jovan Bridges is local student and artist. When we spotted him near Colfax and Broadway, he was wearing a shirt that mixed white lace with a graphic black- and-white striped print that blurred the line between menswear and womenswear. We give him props for trying to shake things up and creating his own original look, complete with Toms footwear. 8) Industrial dancer Jolt Holcomb takes the phrase "favorite film" to a whole new level. He lives his life by the visual culture and iconography displayed in Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film A Clockwork Orange. He has the look locked down: derby hat, military boots and a menacing grin. Holcomb updates the look with punk-rock patches and safety pins to create a anarchist Alex Delarge homage. We appreciate his dedication to personal obsessions. 7) When we saw artist Juan Nunez on Broadway, he was wearing a scarf re-purposed a scarf as a shirt. Not only that, but he'd given a bleach pattern to his scarf/shirt for added effect. His innovative DIY style is refreshing, and we give him extra credit for going against the grain. 6) We spotted student Bradley McCollough on the Auraria campus, where he was sporting his utilitarian fashion. Although he describes himself as a "sacred clown," all the components of his outfit serve a purpose and are well-made items built to last -- including his shades, blazer, even water bottles. He is referencing the past with his style, but making it modern by pairing it with unexpected prints and color combinations, which add a sense of humor to his ensemble. 5) Fashion designer and student Brien Hollowell is establishing his own line, Jesus Pistols, whose slogan is "shoot prayers, not guns." His personal style and clothing line both take inspiration from classic menswear items like varsity coats and military jackets, but Hollowell then embellishes these items to make them studded pieces of art. We appreciate his audacity in combining religion with fashion and hope to see more of his work in the future. 4) We spotted Yuya Xiong, a consultant visiting from Hong Kong, on Broadway. His Marc Jacobs bag and tan boots showed that he cares about his accessories, and his cardigan styled off the shoulders shows he can wear simple clothes well. Xiong shows us the potential of business casual. 3) Artist Marc Huebert is a guy who does not overthink his outfits. This an intentional move, though, because it allows him to focus his time and energy on his fine art: painting murals and canvas. He selects his lai-back uniform of Vans sneakers and short-sleeve buttonups tactfully, and carries his artist tools with him on the go. Huebert proves that menswear does not need to be complex or outrageous in order to be captivating. Instead, it can be understated to allow his works of art to shine. 2) Local mime Joseph Temple is a performer who can usually be spotted along the 16th Street Mall; we ran into him at a 7/Eleven. We were shocked when he agreed to be interviewed, because mimes usually never break their silence -- but he opened up and shared his style inspirations like Bib the Clown and the title character from The Crow. We applaud his years of dedication to the art and craft of mime, and also for not being afraid to (gasp) speak. 1) Fellow fashion blogger Cameron Clark was visiting Denver from Atlanta when we spotted him on the street. His striking style refuses to play by the rules, combining high-end fashion designers like Marc Jacobs, Philip Lem and Alexander McQueen with lowbrow department store finds like boots from Target. Clark even manages to make sweatpants look fashion-forward. This is a personification of his style philosophy: I am chic, therefore I am. Clark combines womenswear and menswear from a variety of sources to convey his fashion perspective.

Congratulations, Clark; keep blogging about fashion and challenging the norm with your fashion sense. And to all of the men of Denver, don't be afraid to make a statement with your clothing in 2014 -- it can allow both you and others to see a different point of view.

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