Westword Whiteout: Meet Deedee Vicory, designer/owner of D'Lola Couture

In less than a month, on January 30, Westword Whiteout will kick off Denver's 2014 fashion season at the McNichols Building with an evening filled with live music, specialty vendors, classic cocktails and a signature runway event. We've been profiling some of the creative people who are contributing to Whiteout; this week we talk to designer Deedee Vicory, owner of D'Lola Couture. Making bridal dreams come true is a mantra that fits D'Lola Couture like a lacy white glove. Vicory believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and she is a big part of making it happen with her one-of-a-kind bridal gowns. See also: Westword's Whiteout Fashion Show 2014

Westword: Tell us about yourself. Where you are from, and how did you get into fashion?

Deedee Vicory: I was born and raised right here in Colorado. Much of my life has been spent pretty close to where my store is in Arvada, actually. I always loved different avenues of fashion growing up, but my true love is for bridal fashion. There is just something magical about a woman finding her real-life Prince Charming, and I feel blessed to be a part of so many magical days! What was the first thing you ever designed/made?

When I was eight years old I made a Christmas skirt. I was so proud of it. It was a red circle skirt.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by both fabrics and the people in my life. I love the beauty of melting high-end fabrics (I love silks, of course) into a single art form of a dress. The people in my life are true inspiration, as they can help direct new ideas without even knowing it. Every personality is different, and as such I can pull from the people I love and know to create gowns as unique as the different personalities. It works the same way in many cases when I do custom wedding gowns as well for clients.

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What is your take on the fashion scene in Denver. What is good, what is bad and what needs work? I think that the Denver fashion scene is very interesting. I love that we have such a diverse fashion industry here. I do believe that the talent is here to create a larger industry, but many of the other components are missing for one reason or another. We need a "breakout" star that we can all get behind. Fashion is similar to music in that regard. You need your breakout musicians to create the path for the next generations. Who knows, maybe I will be able to be that breakout star! I just hope that whoever has success (and I wish we all did!) can garner the support of ALL of the Denver fashion industry, not just select groups. We would all benefit from a more cohesive support group.

What are you looking forward to at Westword's Whiteout?

Last year's show was so professional and very well-organized, which makes it so easy to create and put on an amazing show. I always bring my best to the runway, and the Westword team makes it easy with the high level of their shows!

What can we expect to see from you on the runway?

I am excited to put my new collection of wedding dresses down the runway. I am working a lot with textures at the moment, but honestly I won't know exactly what will be going down the runway until a few days before the show. Sometimes I have a last-minute design that I love, which of course means I don't even know it exists yet!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.