Westword Whiteout: Patrick and Mike Liberty, founders of Akomplice Clothing

On January 30, the second annual Westword Whiteout will kick off Denver's 2014 fashion season at the McNichols Building. The evening -- which raises funds for the American Transplant Association -- will include live music, specialty vendors, classic cocktails and some of the city's top designers in a signature runway event. We've been profiling many of the creative people who are contributing to Whiteout. Today brothers Patrick and Mike Liberty, owners of Akomplice Clothing, share their fashion insight.

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Westword:Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, and how did you get into fashion?

Akomplice was originated in the mountains of Colorado by brothers Mike and Patrick. Initially, Mike and Patrick were into making music when they saw the potential impact that could be made by creating a clothing line. They saw a lane, had a vision and stuck with it. Akomplice has evolved from an all T-shirt/sweatshirt line into a full collection including pants, socks, hats, cut-and-sew pieces, accessories and much more.

What was the first thing you every designed/made?

The first thing that was ever designed for/by Akomplice was a T-shirt that read "Free Yourself." On the T-shirt was the image of a puppet cutting himself free of the hands of fear that were controlling him. It symbolizes the transition of one's consciousness and freedom by living your own life and following your dreams and not being stuck by fear.

What inspires you?

Love is inspiration. Making a real change in the world. Designing fresh, intriguing and unique clothes for the people of the world to wear and feel good in. Giving profits back to the people/nature all around the world. Doing collaborations with some of our favorite people/organizations throughout the world.

What is your take on the fashion scene in Denver? What is good, what's bad, what needs work?

The fashion scene in Denver is a little non-existent at the moment. There are the occasional outfits we see from time and time again that are creative and unique, but for the most part the fashion scene in Denver is just beginning in our realm. We are seeing good brands starting to come up here, so that's cool. It's beginning to wake up!

Why are you looking forward to participating in Westword's Whiteout?

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Westword's Whiteout is really a great contribution to the fashion world, which is great to see. We were involved last year and we were very pleased with the turnout and the entire event itself. It seems as though this is one of the only places to get a real runway show in Denver with a genuine fashion-forward feeling.

What can we expect to see from you on the runway?

We will be showcasing some of our spring '14 collections on the runway at this year's Whiteout. You can expect a variety of different things, from ground-breaking loud pieces to nice cut-and-sew pieces. There will certainly be a psychedelic array of items to feast your eyes upon as we showcase our upcoming seasons. Tickets to Westword Whiteout are now on sale; find more details here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.