Y'all posting in a moot thread: 4chan's founder takes questions from /b/tards

If you know what a /b/tard is, then you know moot. /B/tard, of course, refers to the special kind of antisocial nerd who frequents 4chan's /b/ (extremely NSFW, that link) -- a random, anonymous, no-rules repository of obscure coding jokes, a disturbing amount of child pornography and pretty much every Internet meme ever created. And Christopher Poole -- commonly known by his 4chan alter-ego "moot" -- is the guy who invented it. Yesterday, moot put up a rare thread, and while it lasted, he played the part of the put-upon, somewhat disappointed master answering questions from the out-of-control beast he created. Here's what he had to say.

Just for some context, here's how it works. Anyone can post on the main board anonymously -- or really, by any name they wish, but any self-respecting /b/tard can tell from moot's inimitable admin tag that his original post is the real deal. From there, anyone can post replies. Most of the replies ran along the lines of the usual /b/ fare: memes, pornography, memes that are also pornography, et cetera. Anyone can also reply to anyone else's reply by linking to the original reply -- so while most of the hundreds of questions, insults, goatse references and the like went ignored, moot could indicate that he was replying to one thing specifically by linking to it.

For a little more context, /b/ can be horrifying, but /b/ can also be surprisingly hilarious and brilliant. For example, the picture above is the one moot put in his original post -- within about five minutes, /b/tards were turning that picture into a meme. Here's one somebody came up with:

Anyway, without further ado, here's moot on money:

On Tron:

On facial hair:

On death threats:

On enlisting in the military:

On selling out:

And, of course, on /b/:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.