You Should Thrift Here: Flatirons Habitat Thrift Store

Perhaps you know of Habitat for Humanity as a nonprofit organization that helps people in need to build or renovate homes that it then sells to them at an affordable rate, using all mortgage payments to fund future building efforts. And when you think about a Habitat for Humanity thrift store, you may picture used building implements being sold to people seeking to update and improve their homes. While Habitat for Humanity does have a home improvement outlet in the Denver area, the Flatirons Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store (6900 West 117th Avenue in Broomfield) is actually a typical thrift store that sells used (and sometimes new with tags) clothing, accessories, housewares, fabric, craft supplies and electronics at delightfully affordable prices.

I chose the Flatirons Habitat Thrift Store as the site of my first installment of “You Should Thrift Here” (where I will profile local thrift stores and discuss the causes they support and the selection that they have available and, ideally, find a customer willing to allow me to style them in goods found only at that store) because I was surprised to learn, after contacting manager Erik Brack, that the store actually has a considerable clothing section. It occurred to me that other thrifters may also have assumed that a Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store would have nothing in the way of sartorial delights and passed up an excellent opportunity to shop for quality new and used clothing while helping a very good cause.

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Aubrey Shoe
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