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A Novel Form calls it a day

We've just learned that one of our favorite acts from the Springs is hanging it up. After four years of churning out exceptional guitar-driven pop, A Novel Form is giving up the ghost, frustrated, evidently, by numerous line-up changes and the fact that the members haven't arrived a point where they're able to make a living making music. "We have had an amazing ride from all the local support as well as national support when we went on tour," says Adam Keaveny. "We all just need to do our separate thing for a bit and not try and force making this thing happen anymore. We have had fifteen members roll through the band! We will miss playing shows for our fans but hope the music can live on." Sadly, A Novel Form's final show is slated for this Sunday, March 22, at the Black Sheep, where the group will warm up the stage for Bayside. Fare thee well, gentlemen. Fare thee well.