Marijuana From 710 Labs Recalled Over Mold and Yeast Levels

The recalled strain, Rainbow Belts, was sold at six dispensaries in the Denver area.
The recalled strain, Rainbow Belts, was sold at six dispensaries in the Denver area. Jacqueline Collins
Marijuana grown by Jolet Ventures, which does business as 710 Labs, is being recalled over potentially unsafe levels of mold and yeast.

According to a January 5 notice issued by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, the recalled recreational marijuana, a strain named Rainbow Belts, was sold at six dispensaries located in Aurora, Boulder, Denver and Lakewood. Every container of the recalled marijuana includes the Jolet Ventures cultivation license number, 403R-00132, and harvest batch number, 20220927-RAINBOW BELTS-H.

One of Colorado's more popular branded growers, 710 Labs sells branded flower in pre-sealed quarter- and half-ounce containers to dispensaries across the state, often attracting lines and large social media followings for new strain drops. The company also provides dispensaries with flower that doesn't reach 710 standards, with the wholesale product sold in the store's own packaging. According to 710 chief marketing officer Nick Fotis, the recalled Rainbow Belts flower comprises a "very small" wholesale batch that wasn't sold in branded containers.

The recalled marijuana flower was sold in six area dispensaries this past fall. According to Fotis, the Rainbow Belts was "quality controlled and deemed not up to 710 Labs quality standards for release."

In Colorado, certain marijuana products that fail contaminant testing are allowed to be remediated and retested. If the flagged products pass, they can be sold at dispensaries. The recalled Rainbow Belts failed mold and yeast testing and was supposed to be sent to another 710 Labs facility for remediation, but was mistakenly distributed to nine Denver-area dispensaries instead, according to Fotis.

"We realized the error, and immediately informed both the stores as well as the MED. Product was immediately pulled off shelves and destroyed," he says, noting that three stores received the recalled marijuana but never sold it to consumers.

The recall was one of two health and safety notices issued by the MED on January 5. The second was connected to Denver dispensary Trenchtown, which sold customers untested marijuana harvests and a handful of batches that failed microbial testing between August 2021 and December of last year, according to the MED.

"Consumers who have this affected marijuana in their possession should destroy it or return it to the Retail Marijuana Store from which it was purchased for proper disposal. Consumers who experience adverse health effects from consuming the marijuana flower should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the Marijuana Enforcement Division by submitting an MED Reporting Form," the recall notices read.

Here are the dispensaries that sold the recalled Rainbow Belts:

Colorado Harvest Company
All three stores

6900 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood

5005 South Federal Boulevard, Englewood

Unity Road
1537 Pearl Street, Boulder

Update: This article was updated at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, January 5, to reflect new comments from 710 Labs.
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