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Sixteen Places Where You Can Consume Weed Legally in Denver (Not Including Your House)

Although it's legal to purchase cannabis, consuming it is still largely a private affair in Colorado.EXPAND
Although it's legal to purchase cannabis, consuming it is still largely a private affair in Colorado.
Danielle Lirette
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Coloradans approved legalizing recreational cannabis over seven years ago, but the state's still trying to figure out this whole social-consumption thing. Denver's Cannabis Consumption Establishment licensing program has issued only two licenses so far, and one of those establishments has already closed. Although a new law allowing dispensary tasting rooms and cannabis consumption areas in certain businesses has now taken effect, local governments must opt in to the program for these businesses to operate, and that process is happening slowly in Denver and throughout Colorado.

But you're not totally out of luck. A handful of bright and bold businesses have figured out ways to allow social cannabis consumption without technically running afoul of the law (the City of Denver might dispute that every once in a while with the owners, but guests are generally left alone). Most of them are private lounges and event spaces, but all of them are down with the cause. Here are sixteen places where you can consume cannabis in and around Denver (if you're at least 21), not including your own home.

The Coffee Joint
1130 Yuma Court
The Coffee Joint made history as Denver's first licensed cannabis-consumption business. The coffee shop and lounge, which opened for social pot use last year, allows electronic vaping of flower and concentrates as well as edibles consumption, as long as you bring your own cannabis (BYOC). Although you can't smoke here, you can use your own vapes and dab rigs for the Coffee Joint's e-nails, and the $5 entrance fee is waived if you've purchased products from the dispensary next door, 1136 Yuma. It might not be the full-out free-for-all you were hoping for, but it's the only one we have right now — and it's legal.

1270 West Cedar Avenue

This cannabis speakeasy is modeled after an East Coast corner market, with a fake soda machine serving as the secret entrance to a glossy pot lounge with booths and flat-screen TVs. Unfortunately, Bodega is only doing some light private affairs at the moment, but owner Gabriel Sandoval plans to open Bodega up to membership in the very near future, where members (21+) can hang out and puff at their leisure — and buy some hot Cheetos on the way in.

Tetra 9 Private Lounge and Garden
3039 Walnut Street

Tetra 9 took many in Denver's cannabis scene by surprise when it opened its doors without much notice last February. Like iBake, the pot club operates under the private-membership model, allowing you to sign up online with daily memberships ($20), and monthly passes ($50). It's quite a bit more expensive than other pot clubs, but Tetra 9 is right in the heart of RiNo (instead of on the fringes of Denver, like its counterparts), and it regularly hosts live music, industry gatherings and 420-friendly classes over the weekend. BYOC.

Tetra 9 hosts various events Thursday through Sunday, but it's open all week.
Tetra 9 hosts various events Thursday through Sunday, but it's open all week.
Jacqueline Collins

The International Church of Cannabis
400 South Logan Street

Despite its name, the International Church of Cannabis only allows cannabis consumption on site during its Sunday congregational gatherings or special private events. The Sunday evening ceremonies celebrate Elevationism, the practicing faith at the church, with members receiving invites every week after they sign up online. On top of allowing occasional cannabis use (BYOC), the church offers educational talks, live entertainment and potluck dinners.

Arrowhead Manor
9284 Highway 285, Morrison

If you're like most people, you just want a spot to toke up at your home or wherever you're staying. A handful of Denver area hotels will allow you to vape cannabis inside, but a truly cool smoke-and-stay experience awaits you at Arrowhead Manor, a mansion that serves as an event center and bed-and-breakfast. Minutes from Red Rocks Amphitheatre and about a twenty-minute drive from Denver, the plush lodge allows residents to smoke pot on its outside decks and patios (smoking inside is prohibited.)

1430 Race Street

The Adiago is a bed-and-breakfast in the heart of Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood. It doesn't stick out among the other Victorian homes on the block, but once inside, you'll see why it's unique. This pot-friendly B&B is a little pricey (rooms start at $299 per night), but how many hotels offer amenities such as designated pot-smoking areas, wake-and-bake breakfasts and 4/20 happy hours?

Spectra Art Space
1836 South Broadway

Spectra Art Space doesn't advertise itself as a cannabis club, and it's not. The South Broadway gallery is better known for giving shine to local artists, chefs and musicians than for hosting 420-friendly parties, but that doesn't mean Spectra isn't cool, man. The gallery regularly allows cannabis consumption in its private back yard during events, many of which showcase local glassblowers and are supplemented with gourmet munchies from eateries like Voodoo Doughnut. BYOC.

Spectra Art Space has embraced cannabis culture like few Denver art galleries have.EXPAND
Spectra Art Space has embraced cannabis culture like few Denver art galleries have.
Jacqueline Collins

Cultivated Synergy
2901 Walnut Street
Cultivated Synergy is a private event space, not a private club, so you can't just show up and hope to get in. However, Cultivated Synergy has fully embraced cannabis parties, throwing pot-infused events for the industry and its fans just about every weekend. When it's not serving as a co-working space during the day, Cultivated Synergy hosts dab-filled shindigs for such organizations as the Grow-Off and Yeti Farms, as well as invite-only parties for the people, including discos and dab-and-dine sessions. BYOC.

Urban Sanctuary
2745 Welton Street

Urban Sanctuary isn't a lounge; like Cultivated Synergy, it's a private event space that holds pot-infused shindigs from time to time. However, Urban Sanctuary's events are more about healing the body and mind with the help of cannabis than partying. Certain yoga and meditation classes at Urban Sanctuary allow pot use during the sessions — but not all do, so make sure it's cool before showing up with a joint tucked behind your ear.

808 East 78th Avenue

Studio420 follows the private club model. This north Denver pot haven doubles as a glassware and tobacco shop; membership is $10 per day and $20 per month. The club also operates the 420 Tour Bus, a mobile cannabis lounge available for events and private use. BYOC.

OH Zone         
2020 Kipling Street, Lakewood

Lakewood event space OH Zone has cultivated a strong relationship with the cannabis community over the past year, regularly hosting private pot-friendly events for political activists, as well as cannabis cook-offs, senior citizen classes and industry parties. All of Oh Zone's cannabis events are for those 21 and up, who must register to attend beforehand. Check out the event space's Facebook page for consistent event updates.

The Loopr can regularly be spotted rolling around downtown Denver.EXPAND
The Loopr can regularly be spotted rolling around downtown Denver.
Tyler B Grimes

The Loopr
Various locations

The Loopr provides a savvy solution to Colorado's consumption laws, taking advantage of a law that allows pot consumption in limos and buses, just as alcohol is permitted. The "mobile cannabis lounge" is a massive bus that drives around pre-determined routes in Denver on the weekends, picking up members who have signed up on the Loopr app at designated pick-up/drop-off spots. Although the Loopr isn't easy on the wallet ($35 for a three-hour pass, $49 for a full day and $85 for three days), it offers affordable weekly bud crawls, taking riders on a journey through several Denver dispensaries for just $35. BYOC.

My 420 Tours
Various locations

Although My 420 Tours does have a physical location where riders can meet (3881 Steele Street), all of the consumption is done elsewhere. Like the Loopr, My 420 Tours has buses that take guests around town while they toke up — but instead of following a route throughout the night, My 420 Tours will take you to grow facilities, edibles- and hash-making classes, restaurants, dispensaries, head shops, cannabis consumption lounges and plenty of other places, depending on what package you sign up for. BYOC.

Colorado Cannabis Tours
1101 East Bayaud Avenue

Like My 420 Tours, Colorado Cannabis Tours operates out of private buses, taking riders to various activities and tours in the metro area. You just show up to the headquarters after signing up, hop on the bus, toke up, and then check out classes like Puff, Pass and Paint, Pipemaking 101, Cooking With Cannabis, Cannabis Karaoke and more. BYOC

Club 64
Location shared upon registration

Club 64 keeps its location and information close to the chest, sharing its Denver address only after you sign up. The private cannabis club requires that membership be paid over the phone for $20 on the Square app, or you'll have to pay $30 at the door. To add perks, Club 64 shares with members a list of secret 420-friendly bars and clubs, and it brings in a local cannabis celebrity or entertainer once a month to blaze up and chat with members. BYOC.

City Sessions
3377 Blake Street

This cannabis travel and tour service offers several classes and tours involving cooking, growing operations, Denver sightseeing and more through its cannabis-friendly buses and home-base pot lounge in the city. However City Sessions also offers more intimate experiences, with private classes for just you and your friends, as well as 420-friendly transportation to and from the airport and several ski resorts.

Update: This post was updated on February 26, 2020.

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