Ask a Stoner: What's a Nectar Collector?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What's a Nectar Collector?

Dear Stoner: I was at a friend’s house, and his roommate said he was going to take a dab, only to torch the end of some straw-looking thing before he slurped up smoke from a chunk of hash. Looked nothing like the dab rigs I’ve seen before.

Some nectar collectors have a water chamber to provide a smoother hit.
Some nectar collectors have a water chamber to provide a smoother hit.
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Dear Blarney: What you’re describing sounds like a nectar collector, though I’ve never heard the term “slurp” used to describe one before — mind if I steal that? Nectar collectors have become quite popular among dabbers in the past year or so. Instead of using a nail attached to a piece like a bong, nectar collectors are heated at the tip of the smoking device and then rubbed against concentrates as the heated tip vaporizes them. The flavor really shines through if you do it right, and the pocket of the base is great for collecting reclaimed oils.

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