Why Colorado Tokers Love Berry White

Berry White? Berry good.
Berry White? Berry good. Herbert Fuego
I’ve never been a big fan of Puff Daddy’s name changes. I stick with calling him Puff Daddy rather than P. Diddy, Puffy, Diddy or his latest and lamest attempt to stay relevant, Brother Love. In the weed world, Berry White (the strain, not the legendary baritone) has been given the Puff Daddy treatment, with Blue Widow, Blue Venom and White Berry serving as alter-egos. All of those strains have the same genetics of Blueberry and White Widow, yet the offspring has at least four different names. So what gives?

Turns out the name depends on what part of the country you’re toking in. Berry White and White Berry are more popular monikers in Southern California and Oregon, while Blue Widow is more prevalent in Colorado, the Midwest and Canada. (Blue Venom is the least popular tag of the group.) Denver’s dispensary scene offers both Berry White and Blue Widow, but the lineages are generally the same. I stick with Berry White, just because I like the real Barry White’s velvety voice.

Berry White’s even-keeled high can work for any part of the day if you dose correctly, and that versatility comes in handy when you only have enough cash for an eighth. Enthusiasm and energy aren’t drained from the comedown, but focus and attention to detail sure are. Make sure you don’t have any important tasks left before you light up.

The strain carries a noticeable Blueberry tang and tartness, but it’s subdued by White Widow’s dull, grassy flavor and new pine and citrus notes — both welcome additions. While I’ve never enjoyed White Widow’s bland flavor profile, the Blueberry does a good enough job to counteract that without masking it entirely. Either way, its high can be molded to match your situation, and that’s not an easy trait to find.

Denver Kush Club, Good Chemistry, Kind Meds, Oasis Cannabis Superstores and The Green Solution have all carried the strain recently, though it might not always fall under the same name. Good Chemistry’s cut was extremely potent but low on flavor, with burned leaves still attached to its buds. Kind Meds has a tart, easy-riding version of the strain for $30 an eighth, but it’s only available to medical patients.

Looks: Although its heavy coat of trichomes would make any bud look brighter, Berry White has a lighter tone of forest green than its Blueberry parent, which pairs well with its rusty peach pistils. Nug structure is usually dense and cone-shaped, with a tendency to foxtail.

Smell: More sour than syrupy, Berry White’s scent starts with sweet berry aromas, followed by chalky notes of soil and a hint of citrus.

Flavor: Blueberry’s sweet flavors of dough and berries are present but diluted, with light tones of citrus and pine lingering at the end.

Effects: The high generally starts with a rush of creativity and motivation while also soothing the body. That body high overtakes the creative euphoria quickly, turning into a relaxed but still coherent state of bliss. Medical patients use the strain to treat anxiety, stress, depression, and stomach and muscle cramps.

Commercial grower’s take: “A mediocre strain with so many different names. It’s a decent yielder, and it only takes about seven weeks to bloom, so I can see how it’d be an attractive strain for dispensaries — but I’ve never thought much of its flavor. The high is decent for hybrid fans, but it tends to have a creeping effect, like when you don’t feel much at first, and then twenty minutes later — bam! You’re way too stoned. Be careful with this one, kids.”

Home grower’s take: “I call it Berry White, end of story. Anyway, it’s a pretty good strain for home growers who need to get something out in a relative pinch, because it doesn’t take that long to flower — seven, eight weeks, tops. It can get pretty tall with a few weeks left, so be sure to trim and top it effectively.”

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