Ask a Stoner: How Often Should I Clean My Weed Jar?

Ask a Stoner: How Often Should I Clean My Weed Jar?
Dear Stoner: Should I clean out my weed jars? If so, how often?

Dear Scrubs: Pat yourself on the back for using a jar, which is the first step in proper cannabis storage. Assuming you’re using a glass Mason jar and not blazing through ounces on the reg, treat nug jugs like refillable water bottles or coffeepots. You don’t have to clean them out after every use, but you probably should wash them more often. The more flower it holds, the more frequently a jar should be cleaned.
Leftover plant matter will mold eventually no matter how tight the storage, and even if your toking habit doesn’t allow herb to survive that long, trichomes still cake up jars over time. We don't recommend using a dishwasher or dish soap, because that resin is sticky and can ruin kitchenware. Make it easy on yourself, and clean out nug jugs while cleaning your smoking utensils. They both require the same ingredients — isopropyl alcohol and epsom salt — and benefit from soaking for a few minutes.

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