State's New Monthly Pot Sales Numbers Show Interesting Trends

State's New Monthly Pot Sales Numbers Show Interesting Trends
The Colorado Department of Revenue is going to start displaying legal cannabis sales-revenue data on its website dating back to 2014, when retail cannabis sales began. Previously, the DOR had included only monthly tax and license revenue reports.

With its earning power under a microscope since the debut of legal sales, pot and the money it brings in continue to make headlines. While anyone interested in learning the state's sales figures could calculate those numbers based on cannabis sales-tax rates and revenue data, the DOR's decision now makes checking in on Colorado's new economy much easier.

“We know this information is highly desired by the general public, media and researchers," DOR executive director Mike Hartman says in an announcement of the new system. "To that end, in our efforts to be as transparent as possible, we will now provide aggregate sales data. That, coupled with state tax revenue data already provided, will give an accurate picture of the financial footprint of this burgeoning industry.”

Colorado has sold over $4.2 billion worth of cannabis since 2014, according to DOR data. - COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE
Colorado has sold over $4.2 billion worth of cannabis since 2014, according to DOR data.
Colorado Department of Revenue
The new reports will include medical and recreational revenue from January 2014 up to the most recent month of data available; the reports will also be broken down by county, providing some new and interesting information about regional sales trends. According to the newest set of figures released this week, Colorado had $127.7 million in cannabis sales in October, down from $135.7 million in September, but up from the $116.6 million in October 2016.

Dispensaries in Denver County accounted for nearly 40 percent of October sales, the data shows, responsible for nearly half of the state's $34 million in medical sales and over a third of its $93.6 million in retail sales. The new web page also includes helpful graphics with updated sales information, including a line graph of bi-monthly sales info from the past four years.

The graph shows a steady dip in overall sales each year once the summer months come to an end, which is largely driven by a decrease in the retail side once the big tourism season is over. According to cannabis data-analysis firm BDS Analytics, seven of 2016's highest-earning weekends for Colorado dispensaries fell in summer months, and only one came after September.

Colorado Department of Revenue

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