Ask a Stoner: Delta-8 THC Shows CBD Industry's Greed

Dear Stoner: This Delta-8 THC explosion shows that the CBD industry never gave a shit about health and wellness. Just money.
Monty Highthon

Dear Monty: Some members of the CBD industry care about all three, but I see your point, sir. Right after the loophole allowing Delta-8-THC sales was discovered, a large portion of the CBD and hemp industries was ready to jump ship. It’s a little more complicated than that, though.

The hemp and CBD boom stagnated in 2019 and into 2020, when surpluses of hemp biomass and bulk CBD started dragging wholesale prices down. Some CBD companies and their suppliers were facing dark times before it was discovered that Delta-8 THC wasn’t included in the Controlled Substances Act, still gets people high and, most important, can be converted from CBD. This gray Delta-8 market saved part of the CBD industry (which is also a gray market, when you think about it). However, that CBD bubble was caused by the same greedy sausage fingers that jumped to Delta-8, so the snake oil stench is strong in both trades.

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