Medicine Man's Longmont location is open at 500 East Rodgers Road.EXPAND
Medicine Man's Longmont location is open at 500 East Rodgers Road.
Courtesy of Medicine Man

Medicine Man Opens New Dispensary in Longmont

Another Denver-based dispensary chain has stretched its arms farther across Colorado: Medicine Man will open its fourth dispensary in Longmont today, February 20. This is the third store doing business within Longmont city limits; Terrapin Care Station and Twin Peaks had already launched their locations there. The Green Solution is the only pot shop with a permit from the town left to open.

Although its first two stores, in Denver and Aurora, are more traditional retail operations, Medicine Man's most recent dispensaries are digging into garage vibes. The Thornton location opened last November after a $1 million renovation of the space; recycled motorcycle and car parts were used in the interior.

The Longmont store is going even further, using truck beds for seating and recycling tires into display tables to embrace the town's love affair with muscle cars and hot rods.

"This location used to be our landlord's man cave. When we walked into the place, we were immediately inspired by how cool it was. It had all kinds of classic car stuff and a lot of cool memorabilia," explains Medicine Man CEO Sally Vander Veer, who conducted the interview in a supply closet as her team finished cleaning up the remains of recent construction. "It's important for us in any city that we go to, to really be a part of the community."

To further ingratiate itself with that community, Medicine Man bred a strain specifically for the Longmont dispensary, a potent hybrid by the name of Longmonster. The strain will be on sale for $15/eighth until it runs out, with 25 percent of proceeds going toward local charities, according to Vander Veer, who adds that military veterans, senior citizens and pot-industry employees can all expect discounts at the store, as well.

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This is not the first time that Medicine Man has gotten creative with strain names. A year ago, the dispensary named a strain after former United States attorney general and noted pot-hater Jeff Sessions: Jeff Sesh-Ons.

The Longmont Medicine Man will be open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., at 500 East Rodgers Road (just past the old sugar mill). Starting today, the store will be in a soft opening; a grand opening is planned for March.

"Of course we'd love to be the first to open in Longmont," Vander Veer acknowledges. "But we really wanted to do this right. It's not a quick process to build a Medicine Man dispensary."

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