Ask a Stoner: Why Did My Budtender Open Pre-Packaged Weed?

Dear Stoner: I bought pre-packaged weed yesterday. The budtender ripped the bag open, looked at it without offering me a view, then closed it before selling it to me. I'm not that mad, but isn't that weird? Should dispensaries be opening pre-packaged products before sale?

Dear Selma: The answer here falls somewhere between "No" and "Hell, no," but it deserves more analysis, because I've never heard of, much less experienced, such odd budtender fuckery. Pre-packaged pot comes in several forms, but dispensaries generally put their flower in pop bottles for customer inspection before purchase, while anything from a third-party grower is sealed in a jar or bag, as yours was. Showing customers in-house flower is standard practice, but sealed jars and bags from an outside vendor shouldn't be opened.
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Customers browse a Terrapin Care Station dispensary in Aurora.
Jacqueline Collins
Your budtender was probably stoned (most of them aren't, but it happens) or had a brain fart — or, on the darker side, may have been told there was a quality-control issue with that product and was inspecting it before selling it to you. In any case, I would give the flower a good look-over and keep your third eye open if you visit that dispensary again.

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