Dixie Awakening and Relaxing Mints, as well as four other products, were recalled because of essential oils used in production.
Dixie Awakening and Relaxing Mints, as well as four other products, were recalled because of essential oils used in production.

Dixie Brands Recalls Edibles Over Non-Food-Grade Oils

Dixie Brands is voluntarily recalling some of its edibles products because of the presence of non-food ingredients, according to both Dixie and the Denver Department of Environmental Health. Left Bank LLC, a Denver marijuana manufacturer that does business under the Dixie Elixirs and Edibles name, recalled six products on Monday, August 21, after the DEH found the "presence of potentially unsafe, non-food-grade essential oils," the recall notice says.

The oils that flagged the investigation and subsequent recall were orange and peppermint essential oils that were not indicated by the supplier as recommended for human consumption, according to DEH investigation documents. Bulk Apothecary, the supplier named in the documents, doesn't list the offending oils as edible or fit for consumption on its website, though it does claim the information provided is general and shouldn't be taken as medical advice.

The names of the recalled products and their serial numbers:

  • Dixie Peppermint Relaxing Mints – 404R-00010 (Recreational)
  • Dixie Orange Zest Awakening Mints – 404R-00010 (Recreational)
  • Dr. Stash Peppermint Relaxing Tablets – 404R-00010 (Recreational)
  • Dr. Stash Orange Awakening Tablets – 404R-00010 (Recreational)
  • Dixie Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar – 404-00036 (Medical)
  • Dixie Orange Milk Chocolate Bar – 404-00036 (Medical)

On top of the products being recalled, Dixie is putting more than 7,100 units of mints, tablets and chocolate bars on hold. Dixie Chief of Marketing Joe Hodas says Dixie will be changing oil vendors and reformulating the recipes of the recalled products while it awaits further testing.

Dixie's recalled chocolate bars are only sold on the medical side.
Dixie's recalled chocolate bars are only sold on the medical side.

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"This was a situation where we didn't have the proper documentation on all the ingredients," Hodas explains. "We're going to do an analysis on these, but there will be more precautions in the future, for sure."

In an announcement posted on the Dixie website, COO Chuck Smith says that while the company doesn't believe that any of the ingredients pose an immediate threat to consumers, issuing the recall was the right thing to do for public health and safety.

"With an abundance of caution, Dixie and our Colorado manufacturer are fully cooperating with the Department of Health in voluntarily issuing this recall," he says in the statement. "While we do not believe that these products, which are some of our best sellers, pose any immediate or significant health threat to our valued customers, we do want to reassure all fans of Dixie products that the Colorado manufacturing team is currently in the process of reformulating our Orange and Peppermint flavored products with an entirely new essential oil which will meet all of the required specifications."

The DEH and Dixie are asking any consumers who have purchased the recalled products to email a photo of the products and compliance labels to questions@dixieelixirs.com; in response, they'll receive instructions regarding a credit from Dixie or the dispensary from which the products were purchased.

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