Does Marijuana Smoking Increase Snoring or Chances of Sleep Apnea? | Westword

Does Smoking Marijuana Impact Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

It's raining, you're toking. Soon you might be snoring.
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Dear Stoner: Any information you can share on weed's effect on sleep apnea? Like, does smoking it make sleep apnea worse, or better? Are there connections?
Snoring Smoker

Dear Snoring Smoker: Sleep apnea is no joke. It causes real short- and long-term issues with energy, sleep and heart health. And if you sleep in a bed with someone, they're probably having sleep and energy issues, too, because snoring gets louder and more frequent when sleep apnea is left unchecked.
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The inflammatory impact on the respiratory system from smoking anything will increase the chances of snoring. I won't go as far as connecting that to sleep apnea, but it probably doesn't help. Pair that with the plant's impact on a regular user's REM sleep cycle, and you'll be one tired stoner in the morning. Consider edibles or a weed break if this is happening to you.

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