Ask a Stoner: Will Eating Edibles Every Day Hurt My Liver?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Will Eating Edibles Every Day Hurt My Liver?

Dear Stoner: How do you feel about microdosing edibles of 2.5 or 5 milligrams? Is it unhealthy to consume edibles every day, as the edibles are processed through your liver?

Dear Cole: It depends on how much you plan to consume and whether you’re using those edibles to treat a medical condition. Microdosing edibles daily is a much healthier alternative for your lungs than smoking or vaporizing cannabis, and it’s generally much more productive than eating higher amounts of THC. However, ingesting cannabinoids every day would undoubtedly raise your tolerance level, and you’d eventually need to eat more cannabis to feel the same effects. That’s a slippery slope, but if you’re responsible about consumption, it’s definitely better than suffering through Crohn’s disease or muscle spasms.

Ask a Stoner: Will Eating Edibles Every Day Hurt My Liver?
Scott Lentz

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Studies are extremely limited on how cannabis affects the liver, and most scientists are still figuring out how to analyze the effects based on various consumption methods, including smoking, dabbing and oral ingestion. On the definite upside, a study published in the medical journal Liver International in February showed that regular cannabis use was associated with a decrease in progressive stages of alcoholic liver disease. However, the study didn’t indicate how the participants had consumed the cannabis.

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