Why Colorado Tokers Love Ecto-Cooler

I ain't afraid of no tokes.
I ain't afraid of no tokes. Herbert Fuego
It’s been fun to observe the efforts of prohibitionists as cannabis is more widely accepted publicly. One classic argument made against marijuana's medical value is the “You can't smoke medicine” motto, while another is a backlash against the names of strains. I understand reservations toward prescribing a sativa called “Pootie Tang” for eating disorders, but there’s no reason not to have a little fun sometimes.

My favorite strain names take me back to childhood or otherwise tap into nostalgia, like Bruce Banner, Duke Nukem and Smurfette, all of which are actual names of pot. So imagine my joy last year when I came across Ecto-Cooler, a strain named after the Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C drink in the ’90s made to turn from orange to green in honor of Slimer, the movie’s fat, lovable undead ball of ectoplasm.

Rich and complex, Ecto-Cooler is a rare sativa-leaning hybrid with a high that would make you think you’re smoking electrolytes except for the impending dry mouth. Its sensory characteristics might be even more powerful, carrying a blend of pungent citrus and pine notes topped off with a strong Chemdawg-like whiff of kitchen cleaner. The upbeat effects pump up the body like a car jack, and the flavor profile is the weed equivalent of a double IPA: juicy, resinous and extreme.

Originally bred by Seeds of Compassion with California Orange and Gorilla Biscuit (an indica with surprisingly no Gorilla Glue heritage) genetics, Ecto-Cooler is technically known as a sativa hybrid — but any indica effects are hard to notice. Other than an inevitable comedown, I’ve experienced virtually no lethargy after using the strain, and I’ve been able to keep my wit and focus during social situations, too.

Although Ecto-Cooler sightings are rare even in legal markets, Denver is a relatively bountiful pocket for fans of the strain. Kind Love and its wholesale cultivation are largely responsible for bringing it to the Mile High, as I’ve seen what looks to be the same cut available at the Joint (a known purveyor of dank wholesale strains) and in concentrate form from Evolab and Wonderleaf.

Looks: Ecto-Cooler has a relatively loose bud structure, with cone- and oblong-shaped buds that are known to foxtail. The lime-green color, no doubt an inspiration for its slimy name, looks almost radioactive, with occasional specks of violet- and peach-colored pistils for a sherbet-like orchestration.

Smell: At the risk of sounding like a coffee commercial, Ecto-Cooler’s smell is very robust, if not a little overstated. Powerful aromas of sour oranges with a syrup-like twinge constantly duel with equally intense notes of Diesel and pine cleaner for nostril supremacy. If you’re not a fan of strains like Sour Diesel, Chemdawg or California Orange, you might want to hit this with your nose pinched.

Flavor: The citrus taste carries more lime notes than Ecto-Cooler’s smell would imply, but oranges still dominate the initial flavor. The pungent, fuel-like back end is complemented by a sugary sweetness, making it more layered than expected, too.

Effects: Ecto-Cooler is a prime strain for daytime use, after-work fun or entertaining the after-party. Its energetic effects can relax the body’s daily aches and pains, providing euphoria without making the mind think too much. But stay a hit or two short of your limit and the strain can also be productive, allowing users to maintain focus during the rush. Medical benefits include treating exhaustion, stress, mental anguish, minor pain and nausea.

Commercial grower's take: “Ecto-Cooler is a tough strain to find for growers unless you have a connection at Kind Love or [with] its original breeders. The Gorilla Biscuit is what makes it special, even if you can’t feel its effects. The Biscuit has some Stardawg in its lineage, which has always been a balanced sativa for me. [Ecto-Cooler’s] terpene profile is loaded with limonene, too, and that’s what’s responsible for the lemon and orange citrus flavors — and maybe even those energetic bursts it gives.”

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