Ask a Stoner: Calming Down a Dab Freakout

Ask a Stoner: Calming Down a Dab Freakout

Dear Stoner: Is there any way to calm a freakout from too many edibles or too big of a dab? Mistakes happen.

Dear Duncan: Overeating as a rookie is one thing, but if you're still overdoing commercial edibles after you’ve gotten some experience, then you need to practice more patience. Still, some of you reading this are probably more torched than planned because an asshole presented you with a dab the size of a booger on your day off, and you bit. Thanks for making it this far.

Ask a Stoner: Calming Down a Dab Freakout

Amsterdam coffee-shop employees give overly stoned tourists cold soft drinks and snacks to help calm them down. Other cannabis users swear by eating or sniffing black peppercorns. Both tactics take a few minutes to work, if they do at all. Some tokers say that CBD can take the edge off, but others report that CBD heightens their THC intoxication or simply puts them to sleep. Olivetol, a compound produced by cannabis plants early in their lives before they produce THC, has also shown promise as a potential treatment for getting too high, but the research is limited.

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