Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Foreign-Inspired Edibles?

Dear Stoner: I love the edibles choices we have at Colorado dispensaries, but they’re all traditional American sweets. Do you know of any edibles inspired by Europe or India?

Dear Aditya: Edibles vary state to state, so dispensary shopping experiences in Colorado might be different from those in California. No matter where you are in the U.S., though, the vast majority of dispensary treats are geared toward traditional American tastebuds. You’re not totally SOL, but specific shopping is required. Dutch Girl makes a tasty line of infused stroopwafels — those delicious, sticky morning cookies from the Netherlands — that are sold at most Colorado dispensaries. You can also find various infused teas and gummies with foreign-inspired flavors such as Earl Grey, limoncello, papaya and yuzu, as well as chocolate bars made using European techniques.
Your best bets are still homemade snacks. Infused coconut milk, butter or cooking oil are all sold at dispensaries, and distillate oil or powder can add activated THC to any drink or dish. India isn’t really represented on dispensary shelves, unfortunately, but consider looking up bhang, a centuries-old Indian drink made with fresh cannabis leaves, warm milk, honey and spices. Buy some quality herb, and bhang it out in the kitchen with Leafly’s recipe.

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