Five Easy, Edible Ways to Use THC Distillate

Five Easy, Edible Ways to Use THC Distillate
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Making cheap, convenient, cannabis-infused edibles doesn't require much time or know-how if you're lucky enough to live by a dispensary. Distillate, a purified form of activated THC, is the instant rice of the hash rack at pot shops, and can be mixed in with just about anything we eat or drink.

Edibles made with plant-extracted cooking oils or full-spectrum concentrates with more plant compounds typically provide longer, more well-rounded effects than does distillate, but the purified THC extract works well in a pinch, and is more multi-dimensional for people who like to eat their weed.

To help start your brainstorming process, here are five easy edible options for distillate. (Note: Some distillate is packaged in a jar for dabbing, but distillate sold in a syringe is much easier for ingestion.)

Hot drinks
Want to start your day on a high note, but don't like smoking or eating sweet, fattening edibles? Distillate is already activated, so you can add it to drinks without much of an infusion process. But because distillate is thick and sticky, melting it in a hot drink works better than putting it in a cold one. Just drop a dab of distillate on the bottom of your coffee or tea mug, then mix in simmering hot chocolate or bone broth, or make yourself a weed hot toddy.

Drop it straight on your tongue
Hey, some of us just want to get it over with. This process doesn't need much explanation. Just make sure you're not dropping too strong a dose on your tongue, and have a mint on hand.

Honey and syrups
Infused maple syrup for morning waffles, infused simple syrup for evening cocktails and infused honey for everything. Although a bit more complicated than dropping a glob on the tongue, creating infused honey and syrups doesn't require a lot of effort, and the result can be incorporated into loads of drinks and recipes. You'll need an emulsifier to ensure the cannabinoids don't separate after the mixture cools, so use an equal part sunflower lecithin for the amount of distillate used. Heat the honey or syrup on low, mix in the distillate and lecithin, and stir until properly mixed. Store it in a cool, dark place, and try to use it all within six months, before it spoils.

click to enlarge Infused mac and cheese might taste too good to consume responsibly. - ROXILLER/ISTOCK
Infused mac and cheese might taste too good to consume responsibly.
Gummies and hard candy
A small step up in difficulty from honey and syrups but still easy in the grand scheme, making distillate-infused gummies and hard candies requires a few extra ingredients (gelatin or corn starch, among other flavorings) and pieces of equipment (candy molds, specifically), but it becomes easier with repetition. For hard candies, try Cannadish's recipe, but include an amount of lecithin equal to your cannabis distillate to ensure that the sugar and cannabinoids don't separate during storage. Stoners Cookbook has a reliable infused gummies recipe; just substitute your distillate for the infused coconut oil.

Mac and cheese
Mixing distillate with mac and cheese is a good way to hide distillate's sometimes-grassy flavor in a big, buttery dish — and while the butter's fat isn't required for infusion, it will make the THC more potent during digestion. Add the distillate to the mac after mixing in your dairy and cheese products at low heat to make sure the THC is distributed evenly, then get high while satisfying your comfort food fix at the same time.
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