Lettuce is from Massachusetts but has found a home away from home in Denver.EXPAND
Lettuce is from Massachusetts but has found a home away from home in Denver.
Photo by Casey Flanigan

Lettuce Jams Out in Terrapin Marijuana Grow

Anyone who's been to a Lettuce show has likely seen people in the crowd enjoying weed (among other things), but the band serenading pot plants in person takes cannabis cultivation to a whole new level.

Days after Lettuce's show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on June 15, members of the funk band showed up at one of Terrapin Care Station's cultivations with their instruments and gave the plants and employees a live show. They played some tracks from their new album, Elevate, and didn't short-change those in attendance, bringing along enough instruments and equipment for a legitimate set.

The Terrapin staff may not have been the only ones who enjoyed the show. According to several studies, plants can grow at an accelerated rate if exposed to the sound frequencies of music.

Considering that Terrapin Care Station got its start as a Boulder dispensary named after a Grateful Dead song, we can't say we're surprised this special concert took place. We can only hope that other cannabis cultivations and musicians enjoy similar friendships, because who doesn't like a skunky jam session?

Watch part of the set below:

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