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Reader: Legalization Is Winning, and Heidi Ganahl Is on the Losing Side

Heidi Ganahl hasn't responded to our questions about her position on pot.
Heidi Ganahl hasn't responded to our questions about her position on pot. Ganahl for Governor
Heidi Ganahl has a lot of opinions. If elected in November, the Republican candidate for governor of Colorado would like to see several big changes, including more punitive criminal punishment for theft and drug dealers, less energy regulation and the repeal of late-term abortion and gay marriage protections. However, there's no mention of marijuana or cannabis on Ganahl's list of priorities, and the issue didn't come up during her debate with Governor Jared Polis earlier this week (though the cars each candidate drove certainly did).

Ganahl's campaign declined to respond to our questions about her plans for marijuana regulation if she upsets Polis in the upcoming election, but she's been vocal about her thoughts on pot several times already. During a September 24 radio interview on KNUS 710, Ganahl called Polis a "puppet" of Colorado's marijuana industry for his support of commercial legalization, and criticized him for allowing marijuana dispensaries to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But while Ganahl didn't share her opinions with Westword, plenty of readers did on the Westword Facebook post regarding her policies about pot. Says Josh:
Whining that marijuana shops were allowed to stay open during the pandemic. So were liquor stores, but she doesn't whine about that.
Says Mickey: 
Well, that’s one way to make sure you don’t win an election in Colorado. And why is she afraid of gay people getting married?
Adds Pati: 
Sounds to me like someone has their hand too far up her backside.
Observes Jeff: 
The pot debate is over. It’s going to be legal in the country whether you like it or not. No reason to stay on the losing side.
Responds Tommy:  
There are plenty of Democrats that have thrown good people in jail for marijuana. Maybe you should realize that both sides don’t care about you. Wakey, wakey.
Concludes Blain: 
She doesn't do the pot. She's too busy worrying about furries.
That last comment refers to Ganahl's assertion during the Sengenberger interview that Colorado schools are allowing children to identify as cats (read more about that here).

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