Ask a Stoner: How Do Cannabis Strains Just Disappear?

Dear Stoner: I purchased weed called "Chocolate Chunk" in Denver about five years ago. I haven't seen it anywhere else, and couldn't find it when I came back here this summer. Is that common for marijuana strains, to disappear?

Dear Harrison: Ah, the strain that got away. Although no stores in Denver carry it, a strain named Chocolate Chunk is indeed out there. Even if you see Chocolate Chunk again, though, chances are that it won't be the same.
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Scott Lentz
Most growers save room for popular strains and reboot their other genetics every so often to keep their garden fresh. This cut of Chocolate Chunk didn't hang around at the store where you discovered it, nor was it popular enough for others to replicate. Without that lineage continuing, any cut of Chocolate Chunk you find won't bring the same flavor and high (which you probably remember more fondly). Growers and genetics tend to resurface in this town, however, and there are plenty of other chunky, chocolate-smelling strains out there. Maybe you'll get lucky one day.

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