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Ask a Stoner: Reporting Moldy Dispensary Weed

"He just threw it away, but is there anything more we could've done?"
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Dear Stoner: A friend of mine was about to smoke some moldy weed before I stopped him. I was shocked to find out he bought it from a dispensary. He just threw it away, but is there anything more we could've done?
Reefer Rights

Dear Reefer Rights: Cannabis growers, legal and otherwise, have been combating mold, mildew and pests for decades, and they don't always win. None of that crap should end up in consumer hands, however, and your friend had every right to request a replacement from the dispensary. Not all stores are so ethical, but most managers and even some flower brands will try to make good if a customer reaches out with photos of a contaminated product. This is more than just seeded weed we're dealing with here, though, so you should also reach out to the state Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) next time.
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Legal cannabis is supposed to be tested, but contaminated products still end up in consumer hands.
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There's no excuse for selling moldy cannabis, regardless of intention, so alert the MED of any suspect product you come across by filling out a short report form. Believe it or not, a lot of adulterated, contaminated and untested cannabis can pass by state tracking thanks to loose enforcement rules, and many product recalls are prompted by consumer reports and industry whistleblowers. If you truly want good standards, then don't be afraid to out bad actors.

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