Israeli Hydroponic Company Claims Machine Grows Weed for You

It's easy to grow bad weed, but quality cannabis takes time and effort.
It's easy to grow bad weed, but quality cannabis takes time and effort. Jacqueline Collins
Growing cannabis is a rare legal entitlement enjoyed by Colorado residents, but the time and know-how to cultivate good pot is just as scarce for most of us. For potential home growers constantly on the go with travel and work, an Israeli hydroponic company says it has a machine that handles all the hard work for you.

Seedo Lab's automatic growing device could enable anyone with a smartphone to grow cannabis — or vegetables, flowers, leafy greens and plenty of other vegetation — after connecting the hermetically sealed grow box with a smartphone app.

According to the company, beginners at home don’t have to worry about being an expert or having the traditional amount of needed basement space. The Israel-based tech team designed the product specifically for those wanting to enter the home-growing game and enjoy privacy while growing weed, tomatoes and other plants.

“Until today, only consumers willing to put forth significant time and monetary efforts to growing their own cannabis could succeed via trial and error, and much-required knowledge,” Seedo executives Anat Tadmor and Avi Rosenbaum say in an email to Westword. “We truly simplify the process with the complete growing automation.”
click to enlarge COURTESY OF SEEDO LABS
Courtesy of Seedo Labs

According to the Seedo, all users have to do is pair the device with the Seedo app on their smartphones, install growing accessories such as water, nutrients and an air filter, and then choose a growth plan on the app (cannabis has its own specific growing plan). After that, the user plants the seeds, and the machine takes care of air conditioning, CO2 levels, lighting and the rest.

The box automatically scans the plant every few hours, analyzing factors such as moisture and plant height
to adjust the environment for proper feeding and growth. Through the app, users are regularly updated on the status of the plant and when to harvest it.

“The Seedo device has wi-fi capabilities, and the app pairs with the device and connects to our server/cloud containing all grow protocols,” Tadmor and Rosenbaum explain.

The box can grow up to five plants at once, which adheres to the personal cannabis-growing laws in Colorado. According to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, adults 21 and up are allowed to grow six plants each (a maximum of twelve per household), with half of that maximum allotment allowed to be in blooming stage at any given time.

Colorado home growers must also keep their cannabis in an enclosed, locked area where the plant cannot be viewed openly or accessed by minors. Seedo's machine checks off virtually every box in state home-growing laws, as it keeps the cannabis in an enclosed space and the box is lockable.

At less than three feet tall, the box's forty-inch height (which also includes top and bottom space allocated for electrical and growing equipment) would't allow for the tallest plants in the world — many sativas like to stretch farther than that — but indicas and certain hybrid strains tend to grow shorter.

“We aimed for a sleek, elegant, high-tech-looking design that will have a clear separator between traditional grow tents and grow boxes in the market,” Tadmor and Rosenbaum say. “Our technology allows for pesticide-free automated growing, from seed to harvest, of vegetable plants, herbs and cannabis."
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