Jane, a New Online Ordering System for Cannabis, Coming to Denver

Jane, a New Online Ordering System for Cannabis, Coming to Denver
Scott Lentz
A new resource will soon come to Colorado. Santa Cruz, California-based Jane is an online cannabis-connection service that allows customers to search for marijuana products using any term — it can be as broad as "edible" or as specific as a certain concentrate of a certain strain. Users can also search for strains based on the effect they're hoping to get, by typing in words like "sleep" or "creativity" or "active"; they can even search for gluten-free and organic products.

And not only do consumers get to use the service for free, but dispensaries do, too. The only charge is a small gratuity for each purchase at their store made through the site.

Although there are seemingly similar resources, founder Socrates Rosenfeld says Jane is different because every dispensary can participate, no matter their financial resources.

"If we don't bring anybody to their door, they pay us nothing. The dispensaries can cancel at any time, there's no monthly subscription or contracts they're tied into, there are no startup fees, nothing. Really, what we want to create is the fairest model," he explains. "We have to earn your business, and if we can earn your business, you pay a small price. If we don't bring you business, you pay us nothing."

Rosenfeld says he hopes Jane will level the playing field between large, multi-location, multi-state dispensaries and the smaller mom-and-pop shops that often can't afford such services.

After a user enters search terms, rows of boxes pop up with strains or products that match the search, and each box tells the user whether the strain is an indica, a sativa or a hybrid and identifies the THC and CBD levels. Then the user is taken to a page that gives a brief description of the strain, indicates what flavors a user should expect (earthy, skunky, citrusy, etc.), where customers can check on the strain's availability, and even reserve some at the dispensary they choose.

"We source directly to the local community," says Rosenfeld. "We'll show and recommend products that are local and available in real time."

Rosenfeld designed the service not just for locals, but also for travelers. Customers can search by city and read reviews from users about which dispensaries, products or strains they like the best. "What a wonderful time to be alive!" he says. "You can be at home in your pajamas, or even at an airport, and you can order your product to be waiting for you so when you land in Denver, en route to your hotel room or your Airbnb, you can swing by the dispensary. You don't have to wait in line, and it's waiting for you."

Jane is inexpensive as well as easy for dispensaries to use. The software integrates itself with any dispensary's point-of-sale system so that it works automatically, and the dispensary staff doesn't have to do any extra work.

Jane just launched two weeks ago in Santa Cruz but already has more than 200 users.

"We really want to give the freedom and flexibility to our consumers to find exactly what they're looking for and be able to shop for that with confidence," Rosenfeld says. "You see it with Starbucks. You can reserve your caramel macchiato, you skip the line, and you walk out. There's no reason the cannabis industry should be any different from any other industry."

Rosenfeld plans to introduce Jane to the Mile High City this month. "We're really excited about coming out to Denver," Rosenfeld says. "We think that with the values of small businesses, the values of progressiveness in this industry and doing what's right for the community, Denver and Colorado have always led the way, so we're really excited about supporting them."

Rosenfeld wants to hear from you. There's a chat bar at the bottom of Jane's home page that allows customers to suggest dispensaries that should be included on the site. Go to or email [email protected] to submit your favorite dispensary, or write a comment below.
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