Ask a Stoner: Can I Launch a Pot Business Without Deep Pockets?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Can I Launch a Pot Business Without Deep Pockets?

Dear Stoner: I keep seeing all these big-business names jumping into legal weed — Coca-Cola, Corona, etc. Do we little guys still have a chance to open a cannabis business?

Dear Davey: Coca-Cola was reportedly in serious talks about partnering with a Canadian cannabis company to create CBD-infused drinks, but no official purchase or partnership has been announced. Still, you’re not crazy if you think there’s a trend. In August, Corona’s parent company, Constellation Brands, pumped $4 billion into a Canadian cannabis firm it owns part of, while Reuters recently reported that Walmart was considering jumping into the CBD trade in Canada. Other industry giants getting into the cannabis business are Molson-Coors and tobacco companies Altria and Imperial Brands. But here’s the good news for you: They’re all in Canada, because marijuana is legal throughout that country as of this month, and that makes it easier to invest there.

Ask a Stoner: Can I Launch a Pot Business Without Deep Pockets?

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As long as cannabis policy remains a (mostly) states’ issue in the United States, little guys will still have a chance — albeit a declining one — at building their own pot companies. Opportunities still exist in Colorado, particularly the farther you get from Denver, and new states continue to legalize medical and retail pot, providing even more chances to get in the biz. But be prepared to work hard.

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