LivWell Planning Dispensary Move From RiNo to Near the Airport

LivWell's dispensary at 3980 Franlkin Street.
LivWell's dispensary at 3980 Franlkin Street. Thomas Mitchell
One of Colorado's largest marijuana dispensary chains wants to move out of an urban Denver location and closer to the airport.

LivWell Enlightened Health has applied with the City of Denver to move its current dispensary, at 3980 Franklin Street in the RiNo neighborhood, to a hotel complex near Denver International Airport, at 6651 North Tower Road. If approved by the city, LivWell's new store would be the second-closest pot shop to the airport.

The Denver Department of Excise and Licenses will hold a hearing about LivWell's transfer of license application on January 8. If the transfer is approved, LivWell would be on its way to establishing its airport-adjacent dispensary.

"The airport's a good location," explains LivWell executive director Dean Heizer, pointing to nearby hotels as reason to be excited — but Heizer contends the move happened more out of necessity than because of the site's proximity to airport travelers.

"We've got a great landlord where we are [in RiNo]," he says. "The problem is that there's a huge amount of redevelopment and reconstruction, so that particular location has been cut off from the world for the better part of a year."

As the RiNo dispensary became increasingly cut off from traffic during construction, the real estate opportunity opened up along Tower Road. According to Heizer, the LivWell team plans to serve the nearby Green Valley Ranch community just as much, if not more, than tourists flying in and out of DIA.

"Green Valley Ranch is kind of an underserved area. It was a good retail location," he adds. "We're not really targeting tourist traffic. It's just a good retail location that became available."

The LivWell dispensary would open by mid-2020 if approved by the city, but it won't be the only cannabis shop in the retail complex along Tower Road. The Native Roots dispensary at 7050 North Tower Road will still be the closest dispensary to DIA, albeit by only a few hundred feet.

"We love competition," Heizer says when asked about LivWell's potential neighbor.
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