Ask a Stoner: Should I Mail Weed to My Hotel?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Should I Mail Weed to My Hotel?

Dear Stoner: I'm traveling to Aruba soon with my wife and children, and don't want to smuggle any weed. I was thinking of mailing a gram of hash to myself at my hotel instead of looking for it on the streets. Bad idea?

Dear James: Been there, my friend. Flying with or shipping cannabis domestically is one thing (and still very, very illegal), but international trips are a whole different risk. First, you have United States Customs and Border Protection to deal with, then the federal agencies of wherever your visiting. And even though Aruba is owned by the Netherlands, it’s no Amsterdam. You don’t want to get caught with weed when abroad, even if you’re white.

Ask a Stoner: Should I Mail Weed to My Hotel?

Mailing it to your hotel basically implicates you as the sender, and the risk of getting caught in the airport with your family isn’t worth it. As annoying as the struggle is, you might have to work the streets or hospitality workers on this one. Make conversation with bartenders, jet-ski rental operators and the like. Mention you’re from Colorado, let them bring up the plant — because that’s what people always do after you mention that you’re from Colorado — and then work some magic.

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