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Pot-Infused Popsicles Here to Cool You Down for July 4

The line of edibles will be sold for a penny on Wednesday, July 4, after the purchase of any other product.
Courtesy of The Green Solution
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Whether it's an Otter Pop, a Firecracker or some gooey, generic frozen treat on two wooden sticks, nothing helps sweeten up a summer cookout quite like a popsicle. Thanks to the Green Solution, you can cool down and get high at the same time during your July 4 barbecue — because America?

Every one of the dispensary's fifteen locations is now selling pot-infused freeze pops through its in-house extraction line, NectarBee. Available in grape and cherry flavors (sadly, no red, white and blue treats yet), the NectarBee Icicles are infused with cannabinoids from the Green Solution’s internal strains.

The edibles are available in ten-milligram doses and will be sold for a penny on Wednesday, July 4, after the purchase of any other product. But if you're not trying to shop on a holiday, their regular $2.45 price tag isn't too bad, either.

Looking for something to pair with those icicles? Check out several pot-infused recipes from some of Denver's best chefs and mixologists here, including smoked cheddar, green chile and grits from chef Kevin Grossi or a canna-caramel apple mocktail by Top Shelf Budtending. And if you really want to go full chubs on American fare (and have twelve hours to spare), serve up this pot-infused smoked brisket, courtesy of Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen, DOSD Edibles and NowThis.
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